Inbound marketing has many applications, and we never miss an opportunity to highlight it on our blog. Of course, it improves the image of Slovenia WhatsApp Number List by participating directly in their commercial effort. In addition, and as soon as we think about it or discuss it with some of our clients, we notice that this methodology has virtuous consequences in the whole of the commercial dynamics of the company. What if we were interested in educating our customers? Inbound marketing in the face of prejudices:
In certain situations, and there are many, inbound marketing therefore goes beyond what is asked of it. In your business, you have most certainly found yourself having to deal with the prejudices of your customers:

Your products are not reassuring: Your technology is different and your trust capital is at its lowest. Users are not ready to take the leap! Your products look like a known failure: You worked on a product by correcting many crippling flaws from a first release. Users don’t trust you, they’ve already donated!
Your products are more expensive to buy but less expensive to use or vice versa: You will upset the established order and change the way you consume. Think of the rental of electric vehicles, printer cartridges, razor blades… These concepts were far from unanimous in their early days! This list is not exhaustive and you probably have a number of ideas to extend it. You tell yourself that the market is not ready for such innovations and you put your projects back in the boxes while waiting for the next train …

A marketing opportunity in all sectors of activity!

Education is not the prerogative of technological sectors, and even in a field where technical innovation is weak, there is always room for learning. In this sense, providing your targets with content that informs them will be a good means of differentiation from your competitors. Think about it!

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“Less complex” sectors:
If a priori everything is transparent in your field of activity, there are always tips to interest your targets and give them new light. We can therefore produce informative content when we are a trader in raw materials, a wholesaler or other … This approach will require you to put yourself in the shoes of your current customers but especially those you would like to have. If you put in place this type of approach before your competitors, then you will have a definite competitive advantage!

A key step in the conversion process

We work to define the performance of inbound marketing according to two key parameters, namely the acquisition of traffic on a website and the transformation or conversion of this same traffic. In other words, it is about bringing as many visitors as possible and then doing something with them, to retrieve their contact details, their emails or even to sell them a product directly. If your product is innovative and your visitors are already on your site, you will probably need to provide them with educational content so that they take the plunge and buy your products. The educational content then becomes directly allies of your conversion process! In this sense, we can then think thatinbound marketing is an unstoppable methodology for bringing to market new products that are disrupting consumption codes and user habits. To be continued !

Innovative or technical sectors:
In this case, the educational contents take on their full meaning. Disseminating non-commercial and highly educational information through white papers, corporate blog, forums, press or third party blogs will allow the general public or targeted professionals to learn more about your products. This method is then much more effective in reaching your targets than traditional promotion. Indeed, how do you reach customers who do not know anything about your product via television, radio or emails? Opt instead for inbound marketing!

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