FC Barcelona undertook a very interesting marketing action that could shed light on the path of other clubs in the world that are about to return or that have already or have done so and also have the limitation of not being able to generate income. for box office. This is a promotion that the club launched through its digital channels seeking to encourage fans to buy a jersey through its online store and customize it. This with the aim of being one of the shirts that will occupy one of the Camp Nou stands in their next match against Atlético de Madrid. which will be held on June Through a video.

He calls on members and fans from all over the world. with the motivation that they will not only be part of the stands at the match and will receive the shirt El Salvador Phone Number with a large-format photograph. In addition. the club agrees that part of the profits from these purchases will be allocated to the fight against the coronavirus. The objective of the club is to offer a way to reconnect with the fans and even give the opportunity that those who have never had the opportunity to be present in their stadium. can do so at least virtually and have a memory of it. .

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But that is not all. they also seek to demonstrate the social conviction that FC Barcelona has always defended by committing part of the income generated through this initiative to the actions undertaken to mitigate the coronavirus. Let us remember that Spain is one of the countries most affected by this pandemic and is currently in the process of gradually entering the ‘new normality’. Why can you give birth to other clubs? In recent weeks we have addressed how it is that various sports. in particular soccer. are back with the condition of not being able to have fans during matches.

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which has motivated various actions to be taken that seek to compensate for this. Both with the fans as in marketing and business aspects. We have seen interesting actions such as the one undertaken by LaLiga de España itself. Which following in the footsteps of the Premier. League by incorporating the ambient sound of FIFA 20 into its games . Although in the case of the Spanish league a kind of virtual audience was also used . The initiative has had mixed reactions. perhaps the public will still have to go through a process to get used to the dynamics. Also. maybe it was better than what was undertaken by a.

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K League team where they got in trouble for using sex toys and promoting. A sex shop while trying to bring ‘crowds’ into the stands. But there are other exercises. That look more promising. one of them is the one carried out by. The technological company Yamaha. which in Japan set out to find formulas to generate more atmosphere in empty stadiums. Until it came up with an interesting proposal. The answer came with “Remote Cheerer with SoundUD technology”. An app that allows fans who watch games on television or a streaming platform to send. Messages in real time to stadiums or arenas. In short.

They all have the objective of stimulating the connection with the fans. In the case of the FC Barcelona initiative we see that it takes one step further the. Exercises undertaken by some Bundesliga clubs. Of not only putting on official club clothing or even related items (such as stuffed animals). But to generate income and convert part of it into a social action. Due to these elements it is likely that we will. Soon see more clubs carrying out similar actions. If we talk about sports. Organization and marketing. without a doubt. The United States is at least a couple of steps ahead. Of the rest of the world. And this is demonstrated by what its professional leagues are doing in the face of the new reality’.

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