This is indicated by a new Kuwait Email List by e Marketer , which predicts that Amazon’s market share in Search advertising revenue will increase significantly over the next two years, while Google’s dominance decreases. e Marketer expects the overall US search advertising market to grow nearly 18% this year to $ 55.17 billion. Google will have a 73% market share by the end of the year according to this analysis. With an estimated market share of 12.9%, Amazon’s share in 2019 will be much lower than that of Google. However, according to eMarketer, Amazon’s advertising revenue is growing faster. Analysts expect Amazon’s Search Marketing revenue to increase 30% from a year ago.

By 2021, this study announces that Amazon will hold 15.9% of the internet advertising market. “The latest studies show that most product searches now start on Amazon, resulting in the skyrocketing growth of the world’s second-largest search engine and the grabbing of market share from its biggest rival, Google (although the Google’s search engine is much more important), ”explains eMarketer in its report. Quietly, Amazon has built a business model based on advertising that generates billions of dollars . The brands present on the Marketplace can invest in Amazon Ads like Google Ads to appear in the first results of the search engine.

Little by little, Amazon is making

Amazon has continued to strengthen its advertising offer in recent years, with the appearance of Product Display Ads allowing its products to be displayed on a competitor’s page, and thus attempt to attract Internet users to its pages . “Amazon’s advertising business has generated a massive increase in spend from sellers because they can now appear immediately in the top search results and thereby gain new sales,” said Nicole Perrin, chief analyst from eMarketer, in a press release. “Amazon has also rolled out better measurement and targeting tools, which makes ad formats more attractive to advertisers. ” amazon ads sponsored products example


Given the Seattle giant’s activity in various industries, Amazon’s advertising business goes beyond e-commerce, spanning movies, TV, games, voice products, live sports, and even cardboard packaging to ship the products. The data collected by the acquisition of Whole Foods organic supermarkets can give Amazon a better understanding of brick and mortar advertising strategies, in other words the traditional strategies operated by large physical store brands. Thus, Amazon also allows US sellers to buy advertising for products not offered on Amazon, but in physical Whole Foods stores. Amazon hosted a dedicated advertising conference in Seattle in early October 2019 to educate businesses on how to market their products in the marketplace.

Amazon Ads in constant evolution

The objective is clear for Jeff Bezos’ firm: to increase brand sales by explaining how to improve the visibility of their products in the Marketplace. Many startups and specialist agencies like Agency 90 have sprung up to help businesses adopt a cohesive advertising strategy on Amazon, including several in the Seattle area, such as InsightL eap , Downstream , Gradient, and Stackline . Amazon does not isolate advertising as a specific industry in its revenue analysis. Advertising is part of a group of activities called “Other”. This cluster of activities generated revenues of more than $ 10 billion in 2018 and experienced a 37% annual increase in revenues during the last quarter.

Despite Amazon’s growing market share, Google and Facebook still dominate the online advertising industry. However, advertising is one of Amazon’s fastest growing businesses. Last year, eMarketer reported that Amazon was outperforming Microsoft in terms of the web ad spend market share. Some observers like Piper Jaffray even believe that Amazon’s advertising prospects will one day overtake Amazon Web Services as the company’s main source of profit, starting in 2021. A classic approach would be to plan a passage on the local television news of France 3 Hauts-de-France in order to be seen and heard by a large audience. However, apart from the figures concerning the number

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