Matthieu Hug begins: “Before Nepal WhatsApp Number List able to analyze the impact, you have to understand quite precisely what you are doing. There is often a difference between the typologies of digital use which means that there is an impact or not, and digital is particularly complicated because it is in all industries ”. Tilkal has made sure that its Blockchain does not consume too much energy, and thus limit its impact. The startup also helps its customers to reduce the sourcing of raw materials that involve illegal work, environmental damage and allows them to make product recalls. This is why Matthieu believes that Tilkal compensates for his impact through his activity.

Meanwhile Boutique selects brands following a charter based on 17 values ​​and 5 pillars (anti-waste, preservation of resources, craftsmanship, certifications and labels and human and social impact). The objective is to be transparent throughout the brand production chain. Meanwhile Boutique supports its partners by helping them improve their environmental and social impact. Manon Fargelat specifies that internal decisions are also revised, such as reducing transport or packaging or even cleaning up the website. Koya is fortunate to have created his system from A to Z and therefore to have paid attention to all stages of the design of his application.

Presentation of the speakers

Green move works in the automotive sector, which is not the best in the field. Thus, Aurélien Tardieu built Green move in such a way as to do better than its competitors in terms of environmental impact. First of all, he made the choice not to have a physical agency. Then, Green move diagnoses all the batteries of the vehicles purchased to measure their state of health because unlike a traditional leasing, the cars will live several rental cycles for 9-10 years. It also helps to reassure the user that they are reliable vehicles. Finally, Green move offers services to consumers through applications that allow them to understand and improve the way they use their cars.


Like Manon, Clothilde Perez has built the Koya application as lightly as possible. On the user side, Koya places the reduction of the carbon impact at the heart of its activity. However, the startup’s vocation is to have a reduction in impact on all other factors over time. Manon Fargelat sees digital as a huge informational and awareness-raising asset. Indeed, it makes it possible to reach everyone very easily, while they would not necessarily have basic access. For example, Meanwhile Boutique has a blog that seeks to educate and educate consumers on all things ecology. It’s powerful because the more people there are sensitive to it, the more they will favor impact companies or services / products where there is a positive environmental impact.

Summary of discussions and debates

Clothilde Perez joins Manon on the interest of digital technology to educate consumers. She specifies that we must nevertheless be careful of its perverse effects: false information and infobesity. For this, we must find reliable sources such as the Shift project or the Climate Fresco which present the information in a very accessible way. Digital technology has enabled these entities to increase their impact tenfold. It is also a practical tool for the taking action phase. Indeed, it makes it possible to offer solutions as qualitative as during personal coaching, while reaching a greater number of people. Koya uses digital technology to allow people to scale up the ecological transition,

For Matthieu Hug, digital technology has direct applications in this direction. For example, it is used to reduce the direct carbon impact linked to the use of the car. He declares: “Software, digital in the broad sense today, has integrated all parts of society, of our industries. It is difficult to come and isolate the impact of digital as such, digital being what today makes it possible to speak in particular of a certain number of tools which allow us to hope to reduce the carbon impact ”. There is also a problem with the dissemination of information between the field and the scientist doing the life cycle analysis.

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