The digital marketing is an exciting and constantly changing. The technologies and the Romania Phone Number List of the internet are changing at such a speed that you can be overwhelmed very quickly if you don’t keep updating yourself. Getting to decipher user behavior (how they use the web, what they are looking for, what motivates them, etc.) and to integrate the new technologies that emerge every day is almost a job. full time. You need to stay alert and regularly check the blogosphere for serious, quality sources. But it is also important to read some books because, despite the “volatile” nature of the discipline, certain theories dominate and serve as a benchmark in terms ofSEO, social media or more broadly digital marketing .

In this article, we offer you 4 books that you absolutely should read (if you haven’t already) and which will give you the basic knowledge you need in the most important areas of digital marketing . Use the “Who, what, where, when, why, how” method This writing technique (abbreviated as QQOQPC) well known to journalists is an excellent preparatory exercise for marking out the outlines of your subject . By answering each of these questions, you will identify the essential elements to cover in your article and be guided much more easily in your writing process. She is able to build a unique editorial calendar and write engaging posts. Using the content published on your blog and the development of quality micro-content, it effectively manages your company’s e-reputation and encourages Internet users to interact with your website : reading articles, downloading of white papers , newsletter subscription, etc.

Permission marketing – Seth Godin

I couldn’t help but start this list with another book than this. Considered by many to be the “father of inbound marketing “, Seth Godin is in any case the one who laid the foundations for it in this book. While not recent (first released in 1999, the Digital Stone Age), it remains a reference for anyone interested in inbound marketing and should be your benchmark reading.

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Godin starts from a simple principle: the consumer today is constantly bombarded by advertising solicitations, and has less and less time to pay attention to them. As a result, traditional marketing techniques, such as TV or radio ads, direct marketing, or email database shopping don’t work as well as they did before. Godin therefore advocates “permissive” marketing, that is to say asking the consumer’s permission before initiating a relationship with him by offering him valuable information, free of charge. More ethical and respectful marketing, but also more in tune with today’s society. In short, the birth of inbound marketing .

Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook – Gary Vaynerchuk

Although it is almost impossible to pronounce it, the name of Gary Vaynerchuk may not be unfamiliar to you. Social media expert and founder of Wine library TV , he is a successful author and renowned public speaker. In this book, Gary questions how companies stand out on the internet to attract more and more customers. He scrutinizes with a keen eye the strategies used by companies such as Dunkin ‘Donuts or Lacoste on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. All the examples it provides allow the reader to have a fairly good understanding of the tool Social Mediaand to learn how to put together an effective strategy that allows the right message to be delivered to the right person at the right time.

A content marketing agency transforms your digital presence into a business strategy
A marketing content creation agency doesn’t just write optimized content, it offers a real business approach , which entices prospects to come to your business. It encompasses a strategic reflection which consists in creating catchy content, intended to nourish the prospect and make him enter a conversion tunnel.. The objective is, that in the more or less long term, the qualified prospects, come thanks to your contents, become customers. However, not all of your customers have arrived at the same point in the buying cycle. Some are in the discovery phase, others are looking for a solution to their problem, while some of them will look for a specific product or provider. Each type of prospect has its own personalized content!

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