For this reason, in this post, we are going to give you ideas so that you can carry out different actions with the image as the protagonist, such as, for example, a photography contest. photography contest: social media campaigns Index [ hide ] Benefits of a photography campaign or contest Photo contest with votes Giveaways on social networks Giveaways on Instagram Actions with photos at the point of sale Social Walls at points of sale Real-time surveys Video tutorial: how to make a photo contest Benefits of a photography campaign or contest Organizing an interactive content campaign in which the user has to take a photo and then share it, is one of the most visual actions you can organize and one that will involve your current and potential customers the most .

A photography contest will allow you to: Loyalty and reward your followers and your customers : thanks to a campaign of content generated by users, such as a photo contest , you can identify your fans and consumers more engaged with your brand, and reward them. Get brand visibility : a photography contest is a great showcase for your brand and Armenia whatsapp number list participants are your best prescribers. They will show your products or services and give visibility to your brand. Generate User Generated Content : Images generated by users can become your best marketing strategy. In addition, these types of campaigns help generate a feeling of belonging to a community among your customers.

Benefits Of A Photography

Generate qualified leads : interactive marketing campaigns, in which the participant has to upload an image, allow you to enable a personal data form , which the user has to complete to end their participation. Qualified personal data, from users interested in you. That the participant makes the effort involved in taking a photo, uploading it and completing the form assures you of her interest in your brand. Encourage the purchase : the fact that users have to share content in which your products and/or services appear, allows you to promote them and encourage their purchase and/or use, as well as the fact that these photos can influence the purchase decisions of other consumers.


We recommend you to enable a public gallery , so that the rest of the users, whether they have participated or not, can see the images of the contest. In order to generate more reach and publicize the action , in addition to allowing users to upload their photo through the photography contest landing page , it allows them to participate by sharing it on their social networks. They will have to identify it including the hashtag of the contest. With applications like the ones offered by Cool Tabs, you will be able to collect those participations by hashtag . Ideas for your photo contest Organize your campaign for the launch of a new product or service . Ask users to photograph themselves wearing or enjoying the specific product or service you want to promote.

Photo Contest With Votes

photography contest: social media campaigns Kutxabank photo contest Turn your consumers into the image of your brand . Look for the next models in your catalog among your best customers. Photo contest: social media contest GOCCO photo contest photography contest. Social media contests Germinal photo contest Involve your customers in your brand. Involving them in the creative process and giving them the opportunity to design one of your products. To participate, they will have to upload the photos of their designs to the landing of the campaign. Photography contest: social media contests Iberia Express Contest Photo contest with votes. You can set up your photo contest so that. In addition to participating by uploading an image, users can also vote.

Thus, in the photography contest, a period of time will first be opened so that. The participants can upload their content. Once the period is over, the voting period will begin. In which users will be able to vote for their favorite photo, from among those submitted by the participants. Whenever this type of contest is held, doubts about the legality of the voting tend to fly among the participants . To prevent controversy from arising, we recommend that you block voters from possible exchange networks. Fraudulent votes, as well as votes made from the same IP. And to encourage users to vote for their favorite photo, nothing better than organizing a secondary raffle among voters .

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