One of the big Japan Email List today is knowing how to take a proactive approach to understand consumers and plan marketing strategies accordingly. According to recent reports from eMarketer , investments in digital advertising around the world increased by 18% in 2019 compared to 2018 to reach 333 billion dollars and will not stop increasing in the next 5 years. If you are dedicated to growing your business, you need to keep up with all emerging trends in digital marketing. So you can plan your marketing budget and put in place the right strategies for maximum return on investment the following year.

Here are the top trends you should be ready to embrace in 2020. The trend of conversational marketing is expected to increase in the coming year as modern consumers expect faster responses from businesses. This requires an interactive user interface with built-in functions to meet customer demands in a short period of time. Companies represent a total of 60 million pages on Facebook with approximately 2 billion conversations exchanged each month. However, the goal here is to have real conversations with customers and foster better understanding. Businesses have realized the importance of conversations over an automated sales pitch. As people continue to spend most of their time

2020: a decade marked by digital

online and on social apps, businesses need to take advantage of the latest tools to meet the needs of their audience. The chatbot based on AI, social marketing tools and tools of Social Listenning can facilitate conversational marketing and increase your online presence. The augmented reality market is estimated to reach $ 198 billion by 2025 and is predicted to overtake the virtual reality market very soon. AR (Augmented Reality) is very popular with consumers because it helps them in their decision-making process – moreover, according to the Global Web Index , people between the ages of 16 and 34 are already used to using the functions. augmented reality.


Brands like L’Oréal have already started using it, where they allow customers to examine their products digitally before purchasing them. Brands can benefit more from using AR as a digital marketing tool. Videos compatible with augmented reality are quite common. By including an AR interface as a complement to your sales terminal, you can easily present the products even if they are not physically present. Finally, remember that Google’s results pages now offer augmented reality features for certain information requests. Personalization is the best upselling tactic that could get you good conversion rates. By studying the purchasing habits of consumers in the past, businesses can effectively predict the needs of their customers and create personalized content based on that information.

The main digital marketing trends

This is a personalized marketing tactic that is used by brands to deliver specific messages to a potential customer. After careful analysis of an individual prospect’s buying habits, brands can increase loyalty because consumers like to be treated as a unique personality with their own preferences. For example, it has been observed that personalized call-to-action (CTA) on your website can lead to 202% higher conversion rates compared to standard CTAs. Personalization makes it possible to bring relevance to the loyalty created with the customer. A recent study showed that almost 91% of consumers prefer to shop from brands that offer personalized offers rather than the simple discounts used in the past.

The trend towards personalization is expected to continue in the future. Buy directly in social networks via shoppable posts Social media posts where customers can instantly see a product, its design and price have become quite common now and are predicted to be an integral part of digital marketing strategies by 2020. For e-retailers in particular, formats sho pp reliable posts that make purchases result in increased traffic while making the sales process through social media relatively easier. Recent studies suggest that around 130 million Instagram users click on shoppable posts and therefore buy directly without even leaving the page.

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