I’ve been thinking a lot about strategy lately (well, in between distractions that is). What does that word really mean? Is a digital marketing strategy a piece of paper Pakistan Phone Number with a 6-month, 1-year, or 5-year plan mapped out on it? I believe it’s more nuanced than that for a few specific reasons… it’s much harder to plan too far ahead in this Pakistan Phone Number fast-moving, ever-changing economy (pandemic much?). Customers’ wants, needs, and concerns change and evolve. Technology is always changing, making it difficult to plan on one or even several platforms too far into the future. To me, strategy is a conversation that starts with a series of questions you must ask on a regular basis… who are you marketing to?

Who Are You Marketing Pakistan Phone Number

Pakistan Phone Number

Digital marketing isn’t advertising, although that could be a part of it. Marketing is a conversation you’re having with potential clients, current clients, or just potential supporters. The queen of content and one of my very favorite Pakistan Phone Number people, once told me that good marketing is marketing your clients would thank you for. That’s a new concept for many businesses just looking to improve their bottom . Pakistan Phone Number line, but this is how the world works today, especially with the younger generations. No millennials were harmed in the making of the above meme. But seriously, people expect more from companies today. They want to be heard and understood, even when they’re being marketed and sold to.

I’m Not Talking About Pakistan Phone Number

Pakistan Phone Number caricatures that you make up based on demographics and some assumptions about your clients. I’m talking about real people. Pakistan Phone Number Interview some clients, ask them questions, and pay close attention to the answers. For more on the power of actual buyer personas, check out our interview with buyer persona institute founder and friend, adele revella. What does your target audience want from you? This is where a lot of digital marketing efforts fall flat. You’ve either assumed you know what they want and run with it, or you force something on them and it backfires.

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