To ensure perfect control of their e-reputation, brands and companies must communicate online, in a professional and active manner. However, it is not always easy to set up a digital strategy and go out to meet your Hungary Phone Number List on the internet. Lack of time or skills may explain why some prefer to give up, but if the mission is delicate, it is not impossible! To be sure to perfectly manage your image on the internet and increase your notoriety with your target audience, you should call on a community management agency. With its skills and know-how, it remains the best placed to carry your messages and your values ​​on the web, and all the more so if it puts your social media strategy at the service of the generation of traffic on your website. Remember, a relevant activity on social media is effective in disseminating and promoting your content by integrating directly into your inbound marketing activities .

You can also use a lead scoring method, to find out the “hottest” prospects and quickly offer them a tailor-made offer. Here is certainly the most important and the most delicate step of your Inbound Marketing strategy . All the previous steps, if carried out correctly, should lead to a successful conversion.

A community management agency carries out your monitoring

First of all, a community management agency has many tools to monitor your business sector , just as it can monitor your company’s e-reputation. It can do this by placing alerts when specific keywords, hashtags, or your company name are used. It can thus give you a complete report on the perception of Internet users towards your brand, your products / services and image in general. Thanks to a detailed analysis of consumer behavior, a community management agency helps you improve your offers and strengthen your strengths.


In addition, being on the front line to detect the opinions and comments of Internet users on your brand, it intervenes in real time to interact with dissatisfied customers, retain consumers and detect potential markets. For your Inbound Marketing strategy to be effective, you must correctly optimize each of these 3 steps. It is by perfectly targeting your prospects, by offering them content that meets their expectations and by distributing it on the platforms where they are present that your strategy will allow you to acquire new customers. A qualified audience and a prospect constantly fed with relevant content are the guarantees of a successful Inbound Marketing strategy! Contact us directly to set it up for your business.

An agency with the experience of conversation

Exposing your business on the internet necessarily means being exposed to the opinions and comments of Internet users. They will not hesitate to come and find your brand to ask questions, issue criticism, seek advice or simply drop a kind word following an event that has triggered their satisfaction. It is essential to consider each Internet user and to answer each request, whatever its nature.

This requires prior knowledge of the implications of thoughtful and thoughtful conversation marketing. While it is easy to thank a satisfied customer, it becomes more difficult to initiate a dialogue with an Internet user who is angry or who wants to harm the brand at all costs. The latter, commonly called “trolls”, require a certain mastery of repartee and above all a know-how to detect them and avoid “feeding” them.

But the dialogue should not be one way . It is not only a question of responding to mentions, but also knowing how to discuss with potential partners. Conversation marketing is what humanizes your brand , shows consumers that they matter and that they will always have someone to listen to their comments, answer their questions or simply advise them.

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