Well, social networks already influence more than television commercials in the purchase decision and more and more consumers are seeking information and opinions from other users through social networks . And every time, we dedicate more time to them, both to interact with acquaintances and with brands, as well as to look for references and search for information of all kinds. And we are not only looking for more information about products or services to acquire, but we are increasingly giving more value to the information we find about said products or services.

Remarkable is the case of social influencers , their recommendations already have more weight than those of the media or public figures that appear in advertisements. Not only is the search for information increasingly carried out through social networks, but also the way of communicating with brands has changed, now we have the immediacy of Azerbaijan whatsapp number list through Facebook or Twitter with brands. And if a brand has a good professional community manager , who knows how to respond in an appropriate tone, adapted to its audience and the brand’s line of business, and knows how to deal with an online reputation crisis , the brand wins a lot of points in the face of the consumers.

Remarkable Is The Case

Because of all this, traditional media such as television or radio are losing their power of influence. This is what the Influence Central study states : 1.9% of consumers make the decision to buy because they have seen an ad on television, and because they have seen an ad or mention in newspapers or magazines, they make the decision to buy a 2 .2% of consumers. However, the purchase decision through the information received in social networks is 3 times stronger than in traditional media. 81% of the people who participated in the Influence Central study said they bought products after seeing them on social networks, and that is that they receive the information as more authentic than in traditional media, where only the brand “speaks”, but not the real users.


Three quarters of the participants said they check the recommendations of products. Services on social media before deciding to buy them. That is why brands that take their business seriously take into account social audiences. Not just television audiences, since in addition to brands having these social media, it serves as a constant thermometer on their brand image and online reputation . Increase sales: online marketing campaigns Code validation campaigns Confess! We promise not to tell anyone. We know that some summer you have dedicated yourself to collecting the caps of a famous soft drink. To obtain the codes printed on them, validate them and be eligible for an attractive prize.

The Purchase Decision Through

As you may have seen, code validation campaigns encourage the purchase of certain products , with the consequent increase in sales. In this way, consumers who purchase a certain product or service obtain a code. This is usually a participation for a contest or even that code can be associated. With a specific prize and the user knows at the time of validating it what he has won. Increase sales: online marketing campaigns Personality quizzes to get to know your target audience. Another of our favorite online marketing campaigns are personality quizzes. Although people usually associate them with mere entertainment. You can configure it to achieve the objective that concerns us here: increase sales.

What is your ideal destination for this summer? Garment can not miss in your wardrobe this season? What kind of foodie are you? Personality quizzes are the perfect excuse to obtain information from your potential customers. Make them aware of your products and/or services and encourage their purchase . Now you will see how! Based on the answers that users mark, you can configure a personalized result . On that final screen, you will be able to show products and/or services to your users. And the icing on the cake! In addition, just for having participated they will obtain a discount code that they. Can validate in your physical or online store. You can distribute the same discount code to all participants. For certain products, depending on the final screen they have obtained.

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