As you certainly know, content occupies an essential place in any digital strategy , and more Ukraine Phone Number List when it comes to inbound marketing . The benefits of content marketing have already been discussed many times on our blog. As a summary, if this term is not familiar to you, know that quality content allows (among other things) to:

Strengthen your expertise in your sphere of activity;
Generate more traffic to your website; Optimize your referencing on your keywords and be more visible in the SERPs;
Develop a relationship of trust with your readers.
When I talk about the benefits of content marketing to a prospect or customer, I like to compare it to fuel that will keep your inbound marketing engine running at full speed. I admit, this image is a bit simplistic: it is not enough to just “make content” to make your website jump off with a bang. This content must above all be of quality and answer the questions of your audience. Only in this way will you succeed in attracting, converting, and finally retaining your customers .

The secret ? Deliver the right content at the right time

The content you produce isn’t just a message you deliver to an audience in the hope of gaining their attention. It is much more than that. Content Marketing must first and foremost allow you to shape your identity, which will then give you the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with your audience, based on your expertise and the wealth of your lessons. For this, you will not only have to find the tone, the style, as well as the subject that corresponds to what your audience is looking for, but you will also have to learn how to deliver the right content at the right time, taking into account the journey of your customer.

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The 3 stages of the customer journey
The notion of “ customer journey ” (buyer’s journey in VO) is essential in any content marketing strategy. It designates the internal process through which the Internet user goes before buying a product or service. Your objective is then twofold: Identify which stage of the customer journey your prospect is at;
Offer him content in accordance with his current needs. Represented by HubSpot , the customer journey typically follows a 3-step process:

Blog posts, white papers, reports and infographics are preferred.

Here, the prospect is already more advanced in his thinking. Thanks to his preliminary research on the web, he can now put a name to his problem / need. His concern now is to find a way to solve this problem / fill this need. Example: “ The problem appears to be with the intake valve. How to fix it? ”

What content to offer? Now, your prospect’s concern is to compare the different options available to him on the basis of several objective and subjective criteria, in order to make the decision that seems most advantageous to him . You then have every interest in convincing him that your product / service is the most appropriate in the situation which occupies him. Explanatory videos, comparative guides and expert opinions are the types of content that will help the Internet user to make up his mind. Last step in the prospect’s thinking process, that of choosing the company that will offer him the requested product / service. He is then decided to make his purchase.

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