This is a question that comes up over and over again in many forums, conferences or blog articles … This particularly widespread myth is Pitcairn Email Lists attributable to the semantic fog surrounding the term “hacker”. No, in this case, a growth hacker has nothing to do with Thomas A. Anderson, hero of the Matrix trilogy is able to illegally penetrate computer systems and steal Top Secret information under his alias of Neo. In its most modern definition, a hacker is someone who finds an ingenious, quick and easy solution to a problem.. There are for example on the web many sites offering “hacks” to make your life easier (if you do not know this kind of sites, I advise you to take a look at ). This is exactly what a growth hacker does: he experiments with “off the beaten track” and inexpensive ways to grow his business .

Connect with the people who view your CV
The Linkedin interface offers you the possibility of knowing who is viewing your profile. This allows you to analyze the impact of your presence and the relevance of the content you publish. By checking your profile regularly for visits, you will be able to invite people who have the potential to become customers . With a personalized contact request, in which you make yourself available to help them solve a problem that concerns your sector, you may be able to initiate a discussion, which will lead to the signing of a contract.

Some growth hackers are coders, but most are not!

In short, to come back to the problem that concerns us, a growth hacker does not necessarily have to be a programming ace to be able to exercise his profession, even if this is an undeniable advantage.
To quote Oussama Ammar during the Growth hacking meetup in Paris, A growth hacker without code is like trying to run barefoot, it hurts but it’s not impossible

Pitcairn Email Lists

In other words, if you don’t have any computer skills, it’s quite possible to get a programmer to implement the growth hacking ideas you’ve come up with for your startup. But, as the adage goes so well, ” you are never better served than by yourself “! If you have mastered the basics of coding a little (HTML, CSS and Javascript would be sufficient), you can then directly experiment your growth hacking techniques without having to go through a third person. And that’s a huge advantage!

Choose a content marketing agency

Few companies choose to hire specific profiles to take care of their content strategy. Most prefer to choose an in-house employee who will “do the trick”, often from a marketing position. The problem is, content marketing is a profession in its own right that responds to certain codes and requires specific knowledge. If you want to achieve meaningful results and see your audience interact with you, it is necessary that you hire a professional with the training or experience necessary for this type of assignment. You can’t be happy with just anyone who writes without spelling mistakes.

Choosing a content marketing strategy is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. There is an abysmal difference between “making content to make content” and “ making content that engages, entertains and informs ”. If you want to improve your brand awareness, get more leads and generate more income , you will need to put the odds in your favor. So why not call on our services? The experts at our content marketing agency will know how to guide you on the path to success!

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