It was only during parting that I contacted Jim. When ask about his plans for the future, Jim simply repli “It’s hard to tell.” Regarding the arrangement of the company’s employees, Australia Phone Number he said that the students have been notifi in place. And the other staff will stand on duty for the last week. And make arrangements after the end of the work next week. Australia Phone Number Jim summed up the seven failure lessons of Dong’s breakfast in this entrepreneurship, hoping to make a reference for the latecomers. The following is the text of Dong’s breakfast curtain call, with deletions and changes: In August 2014, Dong’s self-made breakfast of 1 million, from the ingredient supplier, kitchen.

With Deletions and Australia Phone Number Changes

Distribution team to the supply chain, prepare by himself, and controlle the risks and responsibilities in his own hands. However, in this Internet era of national entrepreneurship, all kinds of heavy assets appear “out of time”. Australia Phone Number Counting down the seven lessons of Dong’s failure, it is a little reference for other trendsetters in the entrepreneurial tide: 1. Insufficient early funding budget In August 2014, Dong’s Breakfast raise 1 million of its own funds, which was calculated based on the amount of funds “guaranteed to operate for 6-8 months after the kitchen, equipment and personnel are ready”. Australia Phone Number And Richard Brandson’s “Virgin Entrepreneurship” mention that the capital require to start a business is at least double the amount calculate.

The Capital Required to Start Australia Phone Number

Australia Phone Number
Australia Phone Number

When consuming brands on the consumer side, continuous brand management and promotion expenses are necessary; 2. Weak awareness of financing Australia Phone Number We didn’t start thinking about financing until June 2015. When Dong’s breakfast began to have problems. But it was too late. Especially for us who don’t have much experience in financing, in the past two months or so, running roadshows and investors, I feel that most of the time is spent on tuition fees, but these tuition fees also consume our most precious time! 3. Australia Phone Number Ignoring Marketing Dong’s has no partner specializing in marketing. We thought that good products could speak. And we believe that word of mouth should soon become famous in the current mobile network era.

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