Without these Canada WhatsApp Number List building blocks, you will not be well positioned. On the other hand, if you base your SEO strategy on the 3 EAT pillars, Google will reward your content by allowing it to appear in Google Discover.Google will naturally reject anything that looks like clickbait or spam. A good page title should be honest and convey the content of the article without undue promises or exaggeration.The Google Discover service has abandoned the meta description in favor of images. (a picture is worth a thousand words … or 120 to 150 characters.)

Since Google Discover relies heavily on visuals to describe the topic of the article, incorporating compelling images into your content is essential to keep it there. appear.We already know that optimization for smartphones is an essential factor for SEO and in digital marketing in general. The arrival of Google Discover puts more emphasis on this factor, as this feature is reserved for mobiles. You can take Google’s mobile optimization test to find out if your site is optimized. But honestly, at this time of writing, if your site is not designed for smartphones, there is a big … big … BIG PROBLEMGoogle Discover aims to bring hot, topical content to users’ fingertips as quickly as possible. In this sense, consider feeding the AI ​​with the latest news relating to your industry. Indeed, to appear in Google Discover, we recommend that you produce content that sticks to the news.

Produce content that sticks to the news

Don’t hesitate to take a look at current trends on Google Trends to identify hot topics.A study found that the majority of URLs in Google Discover only receive traffic for 3-4 days – most of this traffic occurs on the first or second day after posting.While Google Discover has the potential to impact all industries, some have been impacted more than others on this feature.A separate study found that 46% of a sample of URLs from Google Discover were news sites and 44% of e-shopping sites.In contrast, pages in the following industries only represent 1 to 2% of URLs appearing in Google Discover.


If your site is in any of the above domains, the majority of your traffic will still come from Google search, but not necessarily from Discover. Keep in mind, however, that 1% is still 1 million clicks per year.Google Search On 2021 summary: news in the SERPs, Shopping feature .During its live stream dedicated to its annual Search On event, Google presented the news to come in your search results. The goal? Enable better product discovery and provide increasingly contextual search results.The new features of this event are enabled by the Google MUM (Multitask Unified Model) algorithm. We already told you about this new algorithm in May 2021. MUM will allow users to obtain more precise results based on simultaneous search.

Images as pillars of results

To provide results that are relevant to long requests that are sometimes complicated to interpret. Since we are nice, we give you the video from Google I / O 2021 where Prabhakar Raghavan explains how MUM works.“In the coming months, we’ll be featuring a new way to do visual research, with the ability to ask questions about what you see.As you can see in the example above, this new advanced search feature will soon allow you to use an image / visual as a reference point.

This means that if you want to find socks with specific patterns (like in the example above), you can use the image as a basis that you will search like “socks with the same patterns”, and you will get a list of similar socks.This same functionality can also be used in situations where you don’t know what an object or how to do something is called. In the example below, you can see that by scanning your damaged bike wheel with Google Lens and typing “how do I fix this?” », Google will give you tutorials to repair a derailed wheel and parts that you may need.

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