It was after 2 a.m. on Sunday. After watching the premiere of “Terminator 5″ at Shanghai Cinema on Xinhua Road, I used the carpooling software to see if anyone would take the order. After setting the route, I added 10 yuan as a thank you fee – I need to thank you for Bahamas Phone Number driving a hitchhiker so late. It’s a coincidence, you were nearby just now?” I must take the initiative to speak, otherwise, can others come to strike up a conversation first? “Yeah, I just watched the movie. I’ll take you Bahamas Phone Number for a ride. It’s very convenient.” The beauty said softly as she turned the steering wheel. “You also watched “Terminator 5″?” “Yeah, the customer gave me a ticket, and I’m fine anyway, so I went to see it.”

The Beauty Said Softly Bahamas Phone Number

“What kind of client is so good? What do you do?” “I’m a manicurist, specializing in manicures for girls. Are you Bahamas Phone Number familiar with it?” I looked her up and down: neat bangs, slender eyelashes, tight cheeks, red lips, a buff dress, painted nails. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like the mediocre, tired-looking manicurists in the nail salon. “Do you do door-to-door manicures?” “Yes, it’s not. I don’t belong to Bahamas Phone Number any door-to-door platform or any nail salon. I’m a freelancer among manicurists!” She looked at the man in front of her. Road, said proudly. Are there freelancers among manicurists? Has the slogan “Liberate the Craftsman” become a reality?

Tired-looking Manicurists in Bahamas Phone Number

Bahamas Phone Number
Bahamas Phone Number

I asked suspiciously: “Freelance work, generally the income is not stable, how is your income?” “It’s okay, 20,000-30,000 a month. It’s enough to keep a car and rent a house, but I haven’t Bahamas Phone Number bought a house yet. When I find a boyfriend who has a house in the future, it will save trouble.” She said with a smile. In her words, I captured three messages: She really is a single beauty! She is a car owner, and as a manicurist, Bahamas Phone Number car maintenance is not a problem! ! Her monthly salary is 20,000-30,000! ! ! Wait a minute, the manicurists I know generally earn a maximum monthly income of 12,000-15,000, and they are too tired to die.

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