their shares fell to 14.80 euros. At the close of yesterday’s price (game day) the price had recovered ground. standing at 15.35 euros; however. the surprise qualification to the quarterfinals may trigger the potential exploitation of the marketing and image rights of the club as well as sponsorships. With these levels. the team’s stock market value reaches 330 million euros and that is that only the 10 percent rise registered this day adds 30 million capitalization. Likewise. this figure triples the economic prize that represents the classification of the team for the quarterfinals.

which is 10.5 million euros. We’ve had a shitty season” were the words of the Real Madrid winger after the Real Madrid disaster was consummated. falling 1-4 at home in the second leg of the Champions League Ukraine Phone Number round of 16 . Not only that. this is the end point to a horror campaign that in eight days caused the team to be eliminated from all the competitions in which it participates; Once the game was over. the conversation on social networks began to increase its activity loaded with references to the three-time European champion in the last three consecutive years.

Leading Role Not Only That

Among the criticisms. in addition to the ridicule. complaints are made about the mismanagement of the team. which was from the hiring of Lopetegui in the middle of the World Cup that cost the Spanish National Team and Madrid itself to be left without a coach. Likewise. the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo continues to be an important issue for merengue fans since the fans demand him back. in addition to the arrival of big names such as Neymar. Harry Kane. among many others. who would turn the absence of goal The defeat in the fetish competition of Real

Ukraine Phone Number

Madrid has unleashed that Spanish and international media put their. Finger on the sore spot and specific accusations are made about the. Coaching staff as well as the players themselves. Eight days before. A week ago the extensive media coverage was being prepared to. Address the two ‘clásicos’ that would be played. one for the Copa del Rey. While the other for LaLiga. in both games at the Bernabéu. Madrid fell and in neither of the matches he was able to score a goal. After the games and with them their participation in the cup. Title as well as their aspirations in the local tournament.

The Advertising Campaign Highlights

the hope of the Champions League became relevant again. especially when in previous editions. the team overcame similar situations. However. now with practically no aspiration or any tournament. Pending the decisions of the board. Total revenue during the 2017/2018. Season was 750.9 million euros. according to Deloitte. Which showed an increase compared to previous years and reflected the. Harvest of successes on the pitch as well as a squad with great players. .Therefore. from the leadership of the team.

in which multiple brands allocate efforts both locally. internationally and even regionally. Madrid’s branding runs the risk of stagnation. which would be a true reflection that. Its followers decided not to support the team that has given the. Most joy to soccer fans. Next Friday. March 8. An event that when held every year. becomes a seasonal marketing phenomenon. So on these dates we will be seeing the participation of brands in terms of inequalities . Gender violence as well as. Various problems that affect women around the world. For this reason.

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