Which would be a serious economic setback. by having to change the entire image of the club. analyzed in La Nación . From this advance. the same study says that the most benefited industrial sectors will be those related to pharmaceuticals. alcohol. health and wellness. and pet care. Among companies. the study says that Canopy and Aurora are the “best positioned to dominate the world stage” in the coming years. In addition to Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis. Cronos Grop. Hexo Corp and CannTrust Holdings. among others. also participate. Soccer moves masses. it is the sport with the largest number of fans in the world and that makes it a big business and attracts a large number of brands.

A clear example of this is the controversial arrival of Antoine Griezmann at FB Barcelona. Why? At the end of last season. the French soccer player (world champion in Russia 2018) said goodbye to Atlético de Cayman Islands Phone Number Madrid and. although it was not made official at the time. everyone began to wonder if the much rumored and speculated arrival of him at the Catalan club would take place. Once the contracting and preseason period began. the mattress club did not speak out for Griezmann’s departure. however they hired the Portuguese Joao Félix. who will wear number 7. the same one that the ‘Little Prince’ wore for five years.

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During the last week. the Frenchman’s arrival at Barcelona gained strength. especially after the termination clause of his 120 million euro contract was paid on Friday. All this happened despite the fact that the existence of a contract between Atleti and the player was speculated. in fact the Spanish club threatened to file a lawsuit with FIFA. A Frenchman at the Camp Nou Despite all the controversy. this Saturday Barcelona has begun to carry out various marketing actions on social media and has released videos of the player sending messages to the fans. posing in front of the club’s shield and posing with the new jersey designed by Nike.

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Griezmann himself has spread several of these contents on his own social. Networks making his arrival at the Catalan club official. and where the engagement he has with the action is evident. As he has generated thousands of reactions and comments. The French media quote the player’s statements around his arrival at the Camp Nou: “I wanted to come here and my family followed me; sometimes you have to make decisions. (…) I have fun on and off the field and hopefully it can bring a lot of joy and that we enjoy together”. What Barça and the French win Since Neymar’s departure in 2017. Barcelona has not found a figure to replace him.

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Not only on the pitch because of the Brazilian’s talent and his rapport with Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez. But also because of the marketing impact he has. Both at the level jersey merchandising. such as PR and advertising events. This is what he could win with Griezmann. At the time he was not so mediatic. But since his prominence in Atlético de Madrid and the Champions League. But above all because of his work in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. They have catapulted him to another sphere. Today he is a player followed by thousands of fans and he can be key .

in the marketing aspect for the club club. Meanwhile. for the Frenchman it will also be an opportunity for a different exposure. Naturally he will make an important leap in the sporting aspect. He is already one of the highest paid soccer players in the world. With income of 27.7 million. Dollars during the last season product of salary . Bonuses and sponsorships. In fact. indirectly it can be good for the brands for which it is an ambassador. The potential audiences that they will reach. Will increase significantly; It is currently the image of Puma. Huawei… although it will not be surprising if there are changes in the short term.

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