The holidays will hardly be over when the winter sales will arrive! From Wednesday January 7 to Tuesday February 17, Internet users are going to Cambodia Phone Number List for good deals to redo their wardrobe, buy the latest high-tech device or simply have fun with the money received at Christmas or a thirteenth month. . To best ride this wave and optimize your sales, it is advisable to anticipate your January strategy as much as possible . Inventory management, emailing campaigns , communication on social networks, mobile marketing… Do not omit anything to make this period a success!

Optimize the conversion path and your call-to-action
Inbound Marketing invariably involves the conversion path , which involves turning a visitor into a lead in 4 steps. Indeed, when the contact is on your site and he visits your pages, he will enter a conversion tunnel that it is necessary to master, in order to keep him with you until the end. Click on a call-to-action: On every page of your site, prominently in your content, there should be a call to action , which leads to a landing page.

The schedule for setting up sales

It is essential to adapt your e-commerce site for the January sales, and it will take a few hours to prepare your Content Marketing . Indeed, to promote your good business, it is necessary to communicate via emailing campaigns, blog articles and publications on social networks. You might as well have everything on hand on D-Day, because once the sales have started, you will be (we hope) overwhelmed again!


As soon as Christmas is over, you have to remove Santa Claus and Christmas trees, and present a new universe to create the expectation of the sales . Make way for the banners and inserts that promote the good deals that will arrive on January 7. Make Internet users want to spot their future purchases and come back on D-Day. Do it on your site, but also on your social network profiles.

Promote bestsellers

During the sales, Internet users often seek to purchase a trendy product. You must then bet on your best sales , by looking at the purchase history. Create a special “top sales” section, in which you will put the items that have been the most sold during the last 6 months. You are sure that Internet users will appreciate quickly seeing what they are looking for and, above all, finding THE article on promotion.

This consists of convincing the visitor to leave more complete information via various means: request for a quote, subscription to the newsletter, subscription to a trial offer, download of a white paper, quiz, etc. To be effective, the landing page provides details on the offer offered by the company, in a dynamic way. Remember to optimize the fields of your forms to have the information you need to segment your customer base, without overloading them too much because they will scare away your visitors … It is a question of finding the balance.

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