There is an essential rule in customer relationship management that you certainly know: Retaining a consumer costs less than finding a new Vietnam Phone Number List And that’s true ! A satisfied customer will be more sensitive to your offers, especially if they are personalized, and will no longer have to be convinced of your professionalism. This makes it easier to sell them products and services again without going through costly marketing or advertising campaigns.

However, it is common to think that with the Internet, customers are more volatile and that it is difficult to retain them. It’s wrong. Research for Zendesk shows that 72% of customers become loyal when customer service is top notch . These same consumers claim to consume more afterwards. In addition, 54% of Internet users say they are tempted to become regular consumers if the brand or company offers a loyalty program . So how do you implement a loyalty strategy that will keep your customers coming back to you after their first purchase?

Satisfaction, the first step towards loyalty

It’s a fact: loyalty cannot be established if satisfaction is not there. When you have won a new customer, it is therefore important to make sure that their needs are properly met. In e-commerce , this involves the rapid dispatch of the order, an efficient tracking method and also additional attentions such as adding samples or small gifts in the package. Of course, the conformity of the product, as well as its operating condition, must be excellent. If we take the example of Yves Rocher, when you order on the site, when finalizing the purchase, you always have a gift for any order, and samples.

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On the other hand, if it is important to select blogs with a wide visibility to be certain to increase its notoriety, one should not leave aside the “smaller” blogs . Large blogs with thousands of followers and readers are more in demand and it will be more difficult to capture their attention. It is therefore relevant to add a few bloggers who are still emerging to your list , in order to put the odds in your favor. A community management agency to strengthen your Inbound Marketing. The community manager is at the center of your Inbound Marketing strategy . Thanks to a stronger presence on social networks and professional communication, you will attract many prospects. A community management agency works on your audience to make them more qualified, and redirects them to your site. Its purpose is to facilitate your prospecting procedures.

A loyalty system to reward regular consumers

Just like the famous loyalty cards from convenience stores that clutter up our wallets, it is customary for an E-commerce site to reward loyal buyers with points to add to their account. At the end of a certain number of points, this one is entitled to a reduction. There is no better way to keep a customer coming back! Sephora rewards the loyalty of its consumers by offering them more and more earnings. For this, the brand offers 3 different loyalty cards, which are “won” by reaching point levels.

In addition , Internet users will be inclined to increase their shopping cart to benefit more quickly from the reduction or the voucher. In the end, you increase your sales faster while ensuring your consumers’ feedback. However, be careful to master your loyalty program, it should not cost more than what it earns! The strategy must be win-win . It also encourages potential consumers to contact the company before making a purchase or subscription. It then captures a market share that needs to be reassured before consuming. Consequently, it boosts the conversion rate , thanks to an upstream approach, which invites the Internet user to ask all his questions to make a meticulous and appropriate choice.

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