By setting up a personalized and effective emailing strategy for your prospects, you will be able to “mature” your prospects, from lead nurturing . Writing a good Indonesia Phone Number List sheet remains the secret of a successful sale on the internet! Key element for the sale of your products and the referencing of your e-commerce site , your product sheet must be optimized to encourage the Internet user to fill his basket. To this end, today we offer you useful tips for writing effective product sheets, in order to boost your sales and your SEO .

Use long tail keywords
The long tail is a technique that allows you to generate traffic to your e-commerce site through the choice of precise keywords. Essential to boost the SEO of your site, they are much more precise and bring much better qualified traffic. Visitors attracted to this technique are more likely to make a purchase.

A tone adapted to the target: the key to success

To write an effective product sheet, you must use a tone perfectly suited to your target (professional or general public). To be persuasive, it is better to adopt an informative tone and offer a precise text, with simple phrases, but just as salesy. And to fine-tune your ideas, you can adopt, for example, the inverted pyramid technique : start from the conclusion to reach the main ideas. This allows you to produce a description that is both consistent and effective. The Internet user will have the essential elements from the first lines. He is free to continue reading for details later if he wishes. In addition, it is necessary to establish a certain proximity between you and him, like a salesperson in a store. Choose your words and phrases carefully – you won’t speak the same way to a young teenage girl as you would to a 60-year-old man.


To explain to you by example what the long tail is, imagine that you have an e-commerce site for clothing. To work on your product sheets for the “women’s pants” department, you will add characteristics to your keyword. Do not use “pants for women”, but “jeans pants for women”, “black pants for women”, “suit pants for women”, “large size pants for women” … anything that will specify the nature and the specifics of the product will bring you more qualified visitors.

Empathizing: What Info Do Customers Want To See?

A good product sheet must meet customer expectations. That said, it is important to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes to better understand their needs . This will give you a better chance of providing them with information that meets their expectations.

While it is true that your content will have to satisfy the search engines, know that the customer remains at the heart of the process . What are the characteristics he wants to see? If we take the example of women’s pants, it seems important to know the material used, to know how it is maintained and especially its shape: low waist, high waist, flared, wide, slim, etc. In the context of a food e-commerce site, the information preferred by customers will rather be the ingredients used, the way of cooking or serving it, the storage time, etc. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself the information you need to make your decision. If an essential element is missing, it can cause the visitor to leave your merchant site.

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