Recently, Google Shopping rolled out something new on its product pages: user reviews . As you probably know, the ratings given by consumers on a Gibraltar Email List or service remain an important element in the purchase decision. Who has never checked what other Internet users think of a product before buying it? Google therefore deemed it relevant to optimize its search engine dedicated to shopping by retrieving user reviews, to display them in its system. This novelty is an opportunity for us to tell you about Google Shopping , a formidably effective price comparison for your SEO and your visibility .

You can thus demonstrate all your know-how in a single web page to your prospects. Moreover, never hesitate to spontaneously give the link to your digital CV in your prospecting emails, brochures, on social networks, etc.Nevertheless, it is difficult to disapprove of the downgrading of content that is intentionally touting, without added value. On the contrary, it leaves room for companies and media to play the game of quality and offer their subscribers relevant articles. Besides paying of course,the best way to enhance its content remains to publish articles with a real informative aspect, which particularly interest its target and naturally invite interaction .

But what exactly is Google Shopping?

Deployed in October 2010, Google Shopping is the famous search engine’s price comparison . Free when it was launched, it has evolved to become paid in early 2013 and integrate perfectly into Adwords campaigns. This platform offers e-merchants the possibility of highlighting their articles in the search engine . Based on the XML feed of the products, the search engine efficiently indexes the product sheets and submits them to the Internet user who specifically searches for this type of product in Google.

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As you will have understood, an Inbound Marketing quote encompasses all the strategies necessary for the success of your online presence, so that they are at the service of your commercial success. A proposal will not be complete without these different aspects, because an Inbound Marketing strategy can only be effective by taking into account SEO, content, social networks and strategic analysis.

If one of these activities was not part of the project, it would have to have been the subject of a real in-depth reflection, and your agency will have to bring you arguments in this direction. Are you curious about the budgets at stake for this type of service? Tell yourself that the production of content and its frequency weighs for a lot in the nature of the amounts invested. All of these activities can represent a budget of 3 to 15K euros per month depending on the nature of the project

The benefits of using Google Shopping

When an internet user wants to buy a specific item on the internet, he reflexes to go to the famous search engine. Therefore, if they are looking for a product that you are selling, being listed on Google Shopping will immediately give you optimal visibility. The product selection is quickly displayed at the top of the page, in a clear and illustrated box, which catches the eye . Therefore, the user will immediately be attracted to click on the links in this box, rather than delving into the other results, and he will be redirected to the online store.

By registering on the Google Shopping platform, you increase your click-through rate, the number of your visitors, your conversation rate and ultimately your turnover . The target is highly qualified, which increases the exposure of your ad.. However, this analysis will have to be repeated throughout the project, because it is not uncommon to see markets and trends evolve, not to mention that the company itself evolves to transform its weak points into strong points, innovates and offers new offers.

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