According to PhoCusWright, French e-tourism reached 19.9 billion euros in 2016 . This represents around 17% of the European market! The Internet has Libya Email Lists become an essential tool for vacationers who use it regularly before planning a stay . 65% of French people do research on Google and 74% of them also consult social networks before booking the trip of their dreams. This 2.0 tourism, also called e-tourism , is a reality that must be absolutely integrated into the marketing strategy of tourism players, to develop their notoriety and above all to stay one step ahead of the competition.

For this, the reflection of an e-tourism strategy must be structured around 4 main axes: Let’s draw a parallel with another profession: If you were a professional photographer would you pay someone who is not a photographer to take pictures for your portfolio? No! The quality of the photos would not be representative of your skills. On the other hand, would you invest in a good camera and good photo editing software? Yes! This would further improve the perceived quality of your work.

The ergonomics of the website

The future traveler consults approximately 38 sites during the 45 days preceding the reservation of the stay . It is therefore essential to offer this potential customer the means to come across your establishment. For this, you have no choice: you must have a perfectly ergonomic website , which plays with emotions .
It’s not just about having a space where you summarize your services and describe your location. You must make the Internet user want to book with you rather than with the neighbor . He must project himself in your rooms, by your swimming pool, leaning on your bar… He must almost feel the sand under his feet while he browses your site!

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You must therefore offer him an experience in the heart of your establishment with beautiful high definition photos, videos of your installations and why not, a 3D visit. Another element remains essential when you create a website for your vacation home: languages. The tourists you are going to welcome are not necessarily French-speaking, so you should think about translating it at least into English . Then, think of tourists from countries where citizens particularly appreciate coming to your city or country, to adapt your site in their language and reach even more potential customers.

A site adapted to different devices: responsive design

Did you know that 29% of Internet users who have prepared their future vacation on the Internet have done so from a mobile? When setting up your website, you absolutely must think ” Responsive “, that is to say that your site must adapt to both a computer screen and that of a computer. ‘a smartphone or tablet. The Internet user must be able to consult all the information he is looking for, and view your content without any problem from a small screen.

If you do not yet have a website, consider incorporating this parameter into the specifications from the start of the reflection. If you already have a digital storefront but it is not suitable for mobiles, you can opt for a new design (if your site is a Joomla or WordPress type CMS, there are many responsive themes) or use an external service. So now, to your WordPress! So show your potential customers that you are the most competent company in your field and that you know what you are talking about!

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