The agreement includes the launch of a series of tokens. Thus. fans of the brands will be able to buy cards. photographs and videos of moments that have marked the years of the team in the greatest competition in world motorsports. The technology firm. Tezos. in turn. will include its logo on the team’s single-seaters. Red Bull Racing Honda. which is part of the profitable FIA ​​Formula One world championship. confirmed that it will release non-fungible tokens and fan-tokens. This was announced by the brand . The Copa América 2021 was going to be played in June in two countries: Argentina and Colombia.

Half of the matches were going to be played in one country and the other half in the other. The opening match would be in Buenos Aires and the final in Barranquilla. However. the wave of protests in Colombia that has Malaysia Phone Number been going on for 20 days and the fact that not only do they not diminish but also escalate in violence. has forced the organizers to make a decision: the coffee country will not host the most important event in level selections of the region. For now. everything would move to Argentina.

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However. this country faces another problem: the coronavirus. With more than 35.000 cases a day and more than 500 deaths. the government of Alberto Fernández decided on a new phase of confinement. Although it is for 10 days from May 21 to the end of the month. the truth is that nothing suggests that the situation will improve. even more so when winter arrives in the south of the American continent. What happens in Colombia Colombia lives difficult days. Widespread anti-government protests were sparked by tax reform.

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With demonstrators even disrupting Copa Libertadores matches.  Ecuador and Venezuela. The final of the 10-team tournament. Which will be played from June 13. Was due to take place in Barranquilla on July 10. Colombia asked. first of all. to postpone the event until November. something to which the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) replied that it was “impossible”. “We guarantee that the 2021 Copa América will take place and in these days the relocation of the games that.

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By important international organizations for not respecting human rights.” humans”. Among the sponsors of the Copa América are Coca-Cola. viewers will gather in front of the television to watch the sporting event. in the absence of much of the NFL fans in stadiums and in bars and restaurants . During the last edition of the great sporting event. Continued to demonstrate against police brutality. The very low wages of most Colombians. And the lack of opportunities for young people. In addition a national strike began indefinitely. Copa América: the role of brands.

The Colombian media speak of “strong pressure” from the sponsoring brands to “take” the Copa América out of Colombia. Apparently. three of the big sponsoring brands.  In the midst of the protests. The sponsors affirm that. They would not agree to maintain the headquarters in. Colombia because it is not the image they want to give to the world. According to Comutricolor. three of the most important sponsors of the Copa América would have told.

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