Of the dozens of emails you receive today, how many of them won’t you open? Definitely more than one, isn’t it? It is true that between promotional campaigns, newsletters or even lead nurturing emails , our inbox is Trinidad and Tobago Email List in demand. In order for you to decide to open an email, it must grab your attention, interest you or intrigue you. And, quite often, your first impression of the content comes from the title. It’s simple: if the title of an email appeals to you, you click . If he doesn’t speak to you, you forget him!

If you want to optimize the open rate of your next emailing campaign , consider finding the perfect catch-up phrase, one that will make your subscribers want to find out what’s inside! Before getting there, however, you will have to respect certain rules: I am going to give you 6 of the essential reasons why you should integrate automatic messaging mobile apps into your social media marketing strategy.

Prefer a short title for your newsletter

“The shorter, the better”. According to a study by MailerMailer (an email marketing solution) compiling data from more than 1.2 billion emails, those with titles between 28 and 39 characters have the highest click-through rate. Headings longer than 50 characters are the least effective. In the world of digital language , someone who abuses capital letters and exclamation marks is seen as aggressive and angry, which is not, you would agree, the best way to get someone’s attention. This is also the reason why spam filters are configured to intercept this type of message. Send an email with a title like “OPEN QUICKLY !!!!! SUPER PROMO INSIDE !!! ”Is the best way to ensure that it ends up in the spam emails of your recipient. In the worst case, it will flag your content as inappropriate and block all your future submissions.

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As bizarre as it sounds, it seems that the most creative titles are the ones that perform the least well. On the contrary, according to MailChimp, linear and “down to earth” sentences have the highest open rates . The reason ? When we receive an email we want to know exactly what the content is before we decide to read it, which is why descriptive headlines work better than figures of speech, metaphors and puns.

Establish a state of emergency in your message

Like the previous one, this technique is also borrowed from the field of psychology. We naturally tend to associate scarcity and quality (it is in a way an adaptation of the law of supply and demand). So by insisting that the content of your email is exclusive, you are establishing a state of emergency. This will encourage the visitor not to want to miss this special offer, and therefore to click on your email.

Next step: converting your readers into customers!
Remember, one of our previous articles told you how to get your readers to subscribe to your newsletter . Today’s post is indeed the logical continuation. And then ? It goes without saying that an emailing campaign with a high open rate has no value if, behind, no transformation is carried out. The next step will therefore be to think about optimizing the content of your email so that it encourages your subscriber to take concrete action. This is what I will try to explain to you in a future article. Until then, keep reading us!

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