Take advantage of the summer to clean up your subscriber listings in order to tackle the start of the school year in an optimal way. While it is true that Liechtenstein Email Lists marketing saves precious hours through a fully self-managed process, it is necessary that you put your two cents in it every now and then to clean up your database and gain visibility. Yes, because you should know that inactive users are harmful to your emailing campaigns , so they must be detected and treated in a personalized way.

We are therefore faced with a dilemma : you have the internal knowledge to write technical and specific content for your buyer persona , but no mastery of the web and its technologies for optimal visibility. And conversely, if you outsource content creation, you end up in the opposite situation: the form will be very good, but the substance may be irrelevant to your potential customers. You would therefore lose all the interest of content marketing.

The impact of inactive addresses

The advantage of detecting people who no longer open your emails is to obtain a better deliverability performance and above all, to have a more precise view of your statistics . Let me explain: when you send a burst of newsletters, your Internet service provider is based on your previous shipments to determine whether you will arrive safely or in the spam! If half of your list does not open your emails, your ISP may think you are sending uninteresting emails and you may be listed in “Junk”. In addition, your open and click statistics become wrong and lower your performance.

Liechtenstein Email Lists

Finally, it’s your entire return on investment that suffers. We must therefore find a way to detect the inactive and understand how to reactivate them. Another factor that comes into play in deciding between in-sourcing and outsourcing content creation is the time / money factor. If you don’t have either, don’t get into content marketing! I recently wrote an article on Autoentrepeneurinfo.com to dissuade small businesses (who have neither the time nor the money) from embarking on such a strategy: Inbound marketing, What we don’t tell entrepreneurs . In this way, I hope to break the myth of easy and free inbound marketing . Conversely, if you have the money and / or the time, you have no reason not to embark on the

Define an inactive contact

But first of all, what is an inactive contact? Large question for which there is no exact answer, it will depend on your activity, the objective of your newsletters and simply your personal criteria. It is a marketing reflection that you will have to initiate to define this list of inactive emails and act accordingly . However, there are several things that can help classify an email address. First of all, ask yourself what is the sign that characterizes inactivity: no email opening, no clicks, or no conversion?

Then, the second element is the duration of this absence of action : 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year? Again, the answer to the question lies in the objectives of your web marketing strategy. This is also to be related to your newsletter sending rhythm. If you send an emailing per month, the characterized duration of inactivity will be longer than if you send an emailing weekly. It also depends on your sector of activity: a travel agency will have a long-term inactivity criterion defined, since people do not necessarily travel regularly. It can easily take a year or more before a recipient decides to take an interest in vacation proposals again. It’s up to you to judge according to the renewal cycle of your product or your services .

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