In an earlier letter , Sergey Kenya Email List and Larry Page used the parenting analogy the two founders feel and exercise on Google. They announced that after 21 years of existence, it was time for the company they created to exist without the daily influence of the co-founders. Regarding Sundar Pichai who will take up the torch, they said: “Sundar demonstrates to our users, partners and employees on a daily basis a real passion and great humility for the technology we are developing. We have been working closely together for 15 years, through the creation of Alphabet, as CEO of Google, and member of Alphabet’s board of directors. He shares our confidence in the value of the Alphabet structure

, and the ability it gives us to meet great challenges through technology. There is no one we have relied on more since the founding of Alphabet, and no one better to lead Google and Alphabet into the future. ” Sundar Pichai has been running Google since 2015. During this time, Google has experienced remarkable growth as a search engine. It will be interesting to see how Alphabet grows under his leadership. Among the major challenges facing Pichai and his teams, the development and democratization of voice technology and the connected home seem to be a priority through the acquisition of the company Nest in 2018.

New challenges and increasingly

With regard to online advertising, Sundar Pichai will have to face a competition that has never been so fierce as in recent years with the growth of social networks and above all, the explosion of Amazon which is gradually nibbling away market share in terms of advertising revenue. Remember that Jeff Bezos’ firm is now considered the number one search engine for product research and the world’s leading e-commerce. In addition to natural referencing, which will allow you to be visible on searches carried out in Google by your electorate while working on your content, an advertising campaign on social networks will also be a powerful weapon to convey your political message and to reach as closely as possible a audience likely to react to it.


As illustrated by this study carried out by We Are Social and Hootsuite in January 2019, the first two activities carried out by French Internet users are, the use of search engines, and the visit of social networks. By analyzing the behavior of Internet users, we also notice that the smartphone is used by 33 million French users to browse social networks. This same study also shows us that social networks are actively used by 38 million French people every month. An active user is defined by the fact that he visits a social network at least once a month. Finally, among these social networks, the leaders in terms of uses are YouTube , Facebook and Instagram .

With regard to online advertising

In the context of this article, we would like to focus on the very DNA of these platforms that are Facebook and Instagram, which revolve around their users, their interactions, centers of interest, and therefore, how to take advantage of these behaviors. as part of a digital communication strategy for your political campaign. Why do political and advertising parties usually communicate via television media? Because people spend time in front of the television. Now people are spending time on the internet, and on social media in particular . On Facebook and Instagram, users clearly display affinities with brands, trends, cultures, or causes, without anyone asking them to do so.

Of course, all of these behaviors are recorded and taken into account by Facebook for advertising purposes. It is in this context that our communication campaign intervenes. The added value of a social network like Facebook or Instagram is that it allows you to convey your message finely to an audience corresponding to your electorate . The essential step that will define the effectiveness of your communication will be building the target audience for your message. You have the opportunity to define this audience in relation to: You are a politician competing for the first time in a local political election in the Nord department.

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