The content marketing must be the core of your strategy of inbound marketing . When asked what the recipe for a good content strategy is, I like to answer “content that offers value to whoever reads it”. It is therefore Uganda WhatsApp Number List to know what constitutes valuable content in the eyes of your consumers. However, all of your prospects represent a heterogeneous population with fundamentally different needs and objectives. So, how do you keep them all satisfied? Simply by satisfying each in turn the large groups that make up this set ( the creation of Buyer Personas will help you to constitute these groups ).

These social networks are undoubtedly a freer and warmer place of communication than a press release or a prospecting email. On Facebook or Twitter, you can indulge in some originality and show through your messages your personality and your values. In this sense, social networks offer a unique opportunity to demonstrate through your communication your “ Unique Value Proposition ” and to stand out from your competitors thanks to a digital identity that is specific to you. It is interesting for a CEO or director to create accounts on social networks in order to show a more personal image of the brand. This practice is called personal branding.

Choose an effective content strategy!

In an effective content strategy, one of the keys to success lies in the variety of the offer. Don’t just keep producing the same type of content answering the same questions and aimed at the same consumer. In fact, among the myriad of types of content that you can produce, each has its own characteristics and meets one of the 4 main needs that inhabit your readers: the need to be entertained, educated, inspired and convinced. The image below offers a nice overview of the different content possibilities to consider in your digital marketing … Discover 6 inexhaustible resources of inspiration for your content .

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Absolutely every detail can become an incentive or a deterrent for an average visitor who may or may not interact with a brand. Let us remember that it is so easy to close a browser window after a few seconds of visit while an appointment made with a physical interlocutor makes it possible to break down prejudices or to catch up with a somewhat hazardous catchphrase. .

Convince suspicious prospects

Types of content : Case studies, webinars , checklists, demonstrations, benchmarking, etc. Producing persuasive and compelling content is essential if you want to be successful with your content strategy. Your goal is to prove to your prospects that your products and services are what they need and that you are better able to understand their problem than your direct competitors. Before buying, a consumer researches, tests, compares, and then makes a decision . Then offer him the content that will allow him to make this decision in your favor: produce case studies, product demonstrations, analyzes, etc., in order to give your readers all the elements for him to make himself the right decision: to trust you!

Content marketing is a sustainable strategy
Committing to a content strategy means committing to producing regularly . So, the next time you brainstorm your next idea, keep this matrix in front of you, and consider producing content that fits one of the four categories above. Also consider diversifying your types of content and addressing different Buyer personas .
And you, do you think of varying your types of content when you establish your editorial calendar? What formats are most appreciated by your prospects? If you have any comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment or contact our agency specializing in content marketing !

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