The French coach had asked for a few days to think about his final decision after the last La Liga match last weekend. On that occasion. Real Madrid defeated their current rival. but they needed their Madrid classic. Atlético. to lose or tie. something that ultimately did not happen. In this way. the club managed until now by Zindane was in second place in the championship. This. added to the elimination of the Champions League and the Copa del Rey. were determining factors for the departure of the Madrid idol. The comparison with his previous time at Madrid was decisive.

Zidane had won three Champions League titles in his first term. In this second step. the Netherlands Phone Number most relevant was the 2020 La Liga championship. the tournament interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic . The scoop was first published by the journalist Fabrizio Romano on Twitter. Despite the fact that its value has decreased in times of pandemic. the Real Madrid brand remains at the top of Brand Finance Football. They are followed by FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

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Who had bad news this Wednesday: they lost the European Cup final at the hands of modest Spanish Villarreal. The power of Real Madrid Real Madrid not only bases its financial power on the sporting aspect. but on other companies that yield large profits. Real Madrid Next. for example. is an innovation project that focuses on six main fields: e-health. performance. fan engagement. audiovisual content generation. cybersecurity. and technological and social infrastructures. In parallel. there is Madridista Nation. a huge database on Facebook with.

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VIP content for fans who want to get into the club and enjoy exclusive privileges. The shortage of titles and the departure of an idol like Zidane could be a problem for the brand. Time will tell if so. While part of the crypto ecosystem is collapsing (the price of bitcoin and most altcoins fell more than 40 percent in a few days). another sector. that of NFTs. is growing geometrically. First of all. you may be wondering what is an NFT? By definition. NFTs. or non-fungible tokens .

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Are unique digital assets that can be used as a store of value. Since ancient times. humanity has given value to tangible products that are scarce. such as gold. silver. a stamp or artistic works. The NFTs are the same. but they cannot be touched because they are in the digital world and work under the rules that establish the validations of the blockchain format. Technically. NFTs introduced scarcity to the crypto asset market. Sites like Open Sea. Makers Place. and Super Rare allow digital art creators and collectors to.

Find themselves in a huge marketplace ranging from digital paintings to “virtual cats.” a new business NFTs are gaining traction and interest. For example. at the beginning of 2020. in the midst of a pandemic. Kenny Scharf launched an NFT based on his animation drawings in an edition of just 50 units at US $ 200 each. It sold out almost immediately. Artwork by Kenny Scharf. Artwork by Kenny Scharf. One of the tokens was sold for $4.500 on Nifty Gateway. For the art world. it can be the whole revolution.

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