What is the cost of acquiring a prospect or a customer on your site? This question is at the heart of your Inbound Marketing strategy . Indeed, your France Phone Number List have costs, whether financial, human or material, which is why you must be able to assess the profitability of each operation in order to better adjust them. So this is the famous KING we hear about so often! So, how do you know the cost of acquiring a lead? Here are some ideas.

The benefit of calculating the cost of acquiring a lead to identify your digital ROI. The cost of acquisition is an indicator that allows you to assess the profitability of a digital marketing operation . It can be linked to a specific campaign or to all of your Inbound Marketing actions , and allows you to perfectly measure the return on investment or ROI of your various efforts in terms of content creation, communication on social networks, automated marketing or even lead nurturing.

How to calculate the cost of acquiring a lead in Inbound Marketing?

To do the calculation, it is necessary to take into account the aspects specific to each operation carried out in Inbound Marketing . To calculate the cost of acquiring a lead generated by a global campaign, you will need to calculate the total amount of your digital investments , taking into account all the expenses made online, the running costs of your site and the costs. related to the management of personnel assigned to these missions.


Then, it will be necessary to divide the total obtained by the number of Internet users having carried out the desired action (purchase, click on an advertisement, request for estimate, subscription to the newsletter, download of a white paper, etc.). It is possible to combine multiple data, since a lead can come from different channels. This information is then very MACRO and directly points to the interest of using a marketing automation solution like Hubspot . We will talk about it in more detail in another article, but the more information we have, the easier it is to adapt the orientation of the actions carried out. With this type of tracking systems,you will know precisely which contacts become customers, how they discovered your website, and all the actions they took before using your services or buying your products (Below: an example of a Hubspot global dashboard ). This type of tool will give you an extremely fine level of information that is ideal for progressing.

Here are some simple examples to better understand

All digital activities therefore amount to € 8,400 / month in total. Each month, it receives around 90 requests for quotes , whether by email, via social networks or directly on a telephone number dedicated to digital activities. Each month, she also sees an average of 200 new subscribers to her newsletter, 30 calls, as well as 180 downloads of white papers. If we consider that all these contacts are leads regardless of their level of maturity, 500 opportunities are generated . For example, requests for quotes have a much more chance of becoming customers than subscriptions to the newsletter …

While it is known that the cost of acquiring prospects via digital marketing techniques is lower than via traditional marketing, it is relevant to be able to precisely identify the costs generated by your leads by being able to differentiate the sales channels for this. acquisition (adwords, seo, social media …) and by identifying their quality (how many of these leads actually become customers?). This will help you to define the rate of return on your efforts , but also to see how you can improve your strategy .

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