Many companies use a photography style that is not too flashy. Logical, because showing a company photo is usually not about the photo, but what you want to say with that photo. Yet all photos taken by photographers are subject to a certain style. Each photographer throws his own sauce over the photos. And that sauce can have different ingredients for each assignment.

The more experience a photographer has, the better he can adapt to the needs of a company. Of course you like to choose a photographer that suits you. Do realize that commission photography for a company requires something different from a photographer than making autonomous, documentary or free work.

Photographers who always publish photos according to their own style will be less flexible in providing photos in a different style. For example, press photographers who work for independent media parties are not used to adjusting certain things before taking a photo. That’s not something a journalistic photographer does. It records the truth as it is at that moment. But when you hire a photographer to take corporate photos, you want things and people to be captured as beautifully as possible. And there are many more things to keep in mind when choosing the right photographer.

Examples of various styles

I took the portrait photos of Iris below in one afternoon at various places in and around my house in The Hague. All photos in this article were taken with the same lens. I like to show that you can photograph a person in many Communication Directors Email Lists different ways. If you choose a style that fits your core values, it fits better with your chosen identity. Just like photos of people, you can also visualize photos of, for example, the company canteen, products and company premises in many different ways.

They take themselves pretty seriously. By using a black background you emphasize the photo itself. The more extreme the light in a photo, the more emphasis you place on the photo itself.

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Points to consider when hiring a corporate photographer

 This Iris works as a designer at an advertising agency that mainly creates campaigns for the performing arts. By using black and white photography, you emphasize the artful side of photography. She doesn’t come across as approachable. But you don’t have to, because the office is super busy. And Iris herself doesn’t necessarily have to be in the spotlight. Then it fits to be photographed with an exposure that does not show too much.

Using photos with a light background makes Iris appear approachable. The difference between the left and right photo is the difference in use of the flash units. The left photo was taken with one flash, the right with two.

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