One of the main concerns people have when shopping online is the inability to see the product first hand. And this technology will allow products to be better visualized (mohsin, 2020). 7. Social networks this is one of the trends in ecommerce that is increasing rapidly. For example, with the introduction of the buy button on facebook and instagram. Consumers today spend a lot of time on social media. Therefore, brands must create a content marketing plan to amplify their messages on the networks. Use them for your business and make sure to connect them with your online store to sell through them (mohsin, 2020).

Content marketing and e-commerce must be 2 inseparable allies. Another significant fact is that, according to the world federation of advertisers, 65% of multinationals will increase spending  Cayman Islands phone number on influencer marketing in the coming months. Keep in mind that 49% of consumers look for these people before buying a product, according to the state of influencer marketing 2019: benchmark report (comunicaweb, 2021). 8. Take care of the environment half of digital customers say these issues affect their purchasing decisions.

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82% of them feel that their environmental concerns increased after the pandemic. And 3 out of 4 think that companies have more responsibility to be sustainable (mohsin, 2020). Green shipping is one way to meet this demand. More and more carriers are adopting it. It offsets the carbon emissions released during the delivery process (fernández, 2021). Another trend in sustainable ecommerce is recommerce , the process of renting or reselling. In fact, second-hand online stores have grown by 69% between 2019 and 2021, and analysts predict that the trend will continue (fernández, 2021). 9.

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Artificial intelligence it is one of the fastest growing ecommerce trends . By 2022, businesses will spend $7.3 billion a year on it. For example, in chatbots that respond to customer inquiries instantly. This will also be helpful in understanding customer reactions to a purchased product or service, as well as forecasting future demand. In addition, thanks to big data and its applications, automated emails with offers can be sent. This does not require a large investment and is one of the means that generates the most income (comunicaweb, 2021; mohsin, 2020). 10.

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Personalization according to research by captora, a company specializing in marketing strategies , more than 50% of buyers say that a personalized online experience is important (gómez, 2015). In addition, an evergage study states that 74% of marketers believe that this has a strong impact on the relationship with customers (lastra, 2019; nubika, 2020). For all these reasons, online stores are customizing email marketing campaigns , discounts, etc. (mohsin, 2020). And many brands use online data about their customers’ preferences to create personalized experiences in their stores.

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