Facebook at Work is a social network intended for professionals, which aims to Saudi Arabia Phone Number List with Linkedin, by offering additional tools for business productivity. Will this news have an impact on our social media marketing activities ? Here is a quick overview of this new service which should soon be available to everyone …

A Facebook for professionals
Social networks make it possible to connect people with the same interests and constitute a great opportunity for professionals. It is with this in mind that Facebook has launched a new service: Facebook at Work . This version of its social network is reserved for companies and stands out as a direct competitor of Linkedin or Viadeo .

In this way, leaders have the opportunity to separate their professional and personal life , while remaining on Facebook. This new tool offers the same options as a traditional account: news feed, event creation, private messaging and discussion groups. For the moment, Facebook at Work is still in the testing phase on iOS and Android. Only a few testers have had access to this tool and we do not yet have an official release date.

Facebook at Work: a collaborative tool

This professional version of Facebook differs from its big brother in several ways. The social network giant wants its new tool to be used by employees as a communication tool and thus compete with Skype or Google Talk (Hangouts).


The objective is to boost the productivity of small and large companies by facilitating the sharing of information, both between staff, and with customers or suppliers. Employees will be able to communicate with each other via instant messaging and send documents to each other. This project will go even further by offering the integration of professional tools, such as document sharing software via the cloud.

Facebook is banking on the success of this professional version, which could replace companies’ internal messaging software. On the security side, unlike its “for all” version, Facebook will not have access to data that is transmitted via private messaging . Only companies will be able to consult the exchanges between employees.

The monetization of Facebook at Work

The classic version of Facebook is monetized by its advertising network, but what about the professional version? With Facebook at Work, the question is whether Facebook will continue to serve ads, something businesses are unlikely to appreciate. For now, we just know that the beta does not contain any. However, the American firm must find a way to make its new service profitable . For now, rumors say that to attract professionals, two versions will be offered to users: A free version which would obviouly include advertising areas A premium version in the form of a monthly subscription, without any advertising

Facebook, leader in social networks, has not finished surprising us ! It already offers brands and companies the benefit of professional pages, free of charge, and a fairly effective advertising network. This new step will allow them to manage their professional contacts in a collaborative way, and takes place in the operational dynamics of the company. Communication agencies should therefore not talk to you very often about Facebook at Work, which therefore stands out as a competitor of Linkedin and other collaborative tools. Will he have the same success? Only the future will tell us…

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