How many people still imagine today that the daily life of a professional Palau Email List is like that of Don Draper (hero of the Mad Men series and creative director of an advertising agency in New York in the 60s). He spent his days comfortably seated in his leather armchair on Madison Avenue, sipping a 12-year-old bourbon on the rocks, imagining what slogan will adorn the next billboards that will decide the housewife under 50 to buy this shampoo or that. cigarette pack.

The truth is, while marketing has changed dramatically in 50 years, so have the skills of a modern day marketer . Today, a digital marketer can no longer afford to have only the capacity to generate new ideas for his next campaign, he must also ensure his cost per lead and his conversion rate. In short, in addition to his creative genius, he must also have an analytical mind and be attentive to the numbers .

Imagine, if we dissected the brain of a digital expert, which part would be the most developed? The left hemisphere, seat of logic and analysis or the right hemisphere, seat of innovation and creativity? Drawn match, if we stick to this infographic by HarteHanks taken from the blog of Hubspot, an inbound marketing software agency .

Left hemisphere – data analysis

86% of professionals trust their performance indicators (KPIs) to guide their digital strategy ; Companies that put data analysis at the center of their decision-making process improve their ROI by 15-20%; Of email campaigns segmented offering 30% more open than those who are not; 66% of professionals cite data analysis as a top priority to improve the marketing performance of their business; Companies spending 30% more time analyzing their emailing campaigns observe better open rates (x 3) and click rates (x 2);

Palau Email List

Much attention has been paid to the launch of the new Google Pigeon algorithm in the United States. But it is nothing surprising! For several years, the famous search engine has demonstrated its desire to offer a better experience to Internet users . With the growth of mobile internet, it’s only fitting that Google is now looking at location-based searches. Take the lead and optimize your local SEO strategy now to benefit from better positioning than your competitors.

Right hemisphere – creativity on content

64% of B2B professionals believe that regular content production is a daily challenge. 92% of companies believe that producing quality content can only benefit them. Offering content tailored to the consumer’s profile and their position in the conversion funnel increases the conversion rate by 73%. 79% of companies that stand out for their content strategy refer to specific performance indicators. Here’s another interesting infographic , this time about another communication professional: the community manager .

Empathy should always be at the heart of your digital marketing strategy . Writing the subject of your email also goes through this step. Put yourself in your target’s shoes and list a series of questions they can ask themselves. It is from the answers that you will know what your prospects are really looking for and that you can adapt the title of your email to their problem . Trying to convince recipients to open your email doesn’t have to be done at all costs. Your message conveys your image and if this is your first contact with a prospect, it is better that they keep a good impression of your business. Avoid provocative or deceptive objects. The title promise should be consistent with the content of your post.

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