Precisely his connection with the fans and. if he cannot be in their stands. then he loses impact. But. for everything there is a solution and. from Japan. they once again give an example of innovation and creativity. It so happens that Yamaha set out to find formulas to generate more atmosphere in empty stadiums. until it came up with an interesting proposal. Specifically. the Japanese technology firm came up with the idea of ​​developing an application for smartphones that allows fans to support their favorite team (or sports figure) remotely from the comfort of home.

Is it a good option to invest in bitcoin? The app called Remote Cheerer allows fans who watch games on television or a streaming platform to Dominican Republic Phone Number send messages in real time to stadiums or arenas. Already in the venues. where in theory a meeting or match is being held. these messages are transmitted through loudspeakers installed near the fields. The so-called “Remote Cheerer with SoundUD technology” was tested this week at the Shizuoka ECOPA stadium. one of the largest stadiums in Japan with a capacity of 50.000 spectators.

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With the cooperation of the Jubilo Iwata and Shimizu S-Pulse clubs. “At one point during the field test of the system. I closed my eyes and felt like the ravenous fans were right there in the stadium with me.” a stadium official said. according to a Reuters report. Adapting to ‘the new normal’ This is what various companies from all sectors have sought to reactivate their value chains. Professional sports is one of them and connecting franchises with hobbies is essential to attract advertisers and generate interest in the different competitions.

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In this sense. the project led by Yamaha can help transform sporting events. And its applications could not only be for contingency times like the ones we live in. let’s imagine an eSports competition or events with reduced spaces. This technology could increase the reach of the audience; moreover. It could take the entertainment experience to a new level. not only in sports. But also in music or cultural festivals. just to mention a few examples. The holding of events and the dispute. Of sporting events were some of the sectors that began to feel the earliest. Impacts of the health emergency that has been facing globally for a few months.

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Through the suspension of leagues such as Formula 1. NFL. MLB. NBA. Champions League and a huge list of professional soccer leagues worldwide. Even tennis. volleyball. hockey. there is no discipline. Tournament or competition that has been saved. Now the impacts are beginning to be estimated. according to data from Two Circles . Only for global sports sponsorships. In this sense. it is worth rescuing some recent data from the Two Circles report that refer to the greatest drop in participation in sports sponsorships in these months. is that related to financial services.

Going from 46 thousand 100 million dollars to 28 1.9 billion dollars for this year. This. according to the firm. is largely due to the economic and social effects derived from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The data released reinforces previous forecasts that already pointed to a strong. Impact on investment in sports marketing in a general way. A situation that is experienced globally and that there is no organization. Or sport that is not seeking to return to activity. Although there have already been cases such as those of the Bundesliga in. Germany And the K League in South Korea.

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