The reach of marketing It is not enough to have the best results. the greatest number of cups or the most loved players. marketing moves everything and soccer is no exception. to the extent that the order of the best soccer clubs in the world can surprise your own and strangers. According to the Soccer Power Index . as of March 2019. Manchester City are the best team in the world. with a Soccer Power Index rating of 94.7. They are followed by Bayern Munich. with 92.7 and Liverpool with 92.5. placing two Premier League teams as main figures. Source: FiveThirtyEight According to the. website. the Premier League has a market value of 8.51 billion euros . while La Liga has 5.56 billion. something that could highlight the Paraguay Phone Number improvement of English clubs. This is no coincidence. especially in a year in which the value of the Premier League teams is shining at the same time in football. as four English teams went to the quarterfinals of the Champions League: Manchester City. Liverpool. Tottenham and Manchester United. In contrast. only FC Barcelona will be in La Liga in Spain.

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This derives in various profits. including sports merchandise . Only revenue in this segment in North America during 2018. amounted to 14.55 billion dollars this year. as reported by PwC . This without counting the sponsorships of the teams and of course that in the case of Europe and specifically in England. the figure is much more impressive. all thanks to the popularity of the squads… all thanks to marketing. This weekend the 2019 Formula 1 championship started with the Australian Grand Prix . which was dominated by the Mercedes driver.

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Valteri Bottas. and which marks a new fight between Ferrari and Mercedes itself . the clear favorites to win. the season. With multiple changes in the teams. from drivers. sponsors and even their names. the expectations for the highest category of motorsports remain the same. to bring this show to the most spaces and accumulate the most followers possible. This has been reflected with the inclusion of Vietnam for the 2020 season. as well as efforts in eSports and even doing everything possible to continue with the Mexican Grand Prix. Around all this. Netflix presented a few days ago its documentary called.

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When Drive to Sourvive’ which addresses the 2018 season from the inside in which a high diversity of stories were experienced. which they tried to show in the content to throughout 12 chapters. To break this product down we will break it down into the positive as well as the negative. Positive.  Although this gave rise to an apparent lack of interest from Mercedes or. Ferrari in telling their stories storie however. However. a negative impact came from Europe that resulted in a drop in the value of its shares and that will also cost 14.14 million euros.

in race broadcast times almost always take center stage. In such a way that you can see what happens around teams like HAAS. Renault. Force India or Williams. Another positive aspect was that it managed to capture the moment in which extremely. Such as the termination of the Red Bull-Renault relationship in terms of engines. Ricciardo ‘s move from Red Bull to Renault or the change of ownership at Force India. Negative. The exaggeration of the stories and even the absence of them at times; For regular F1 fans.

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