Iimplement another way to prevent an outbreak of coronavirus in its facilities. so it is working to choose which expression can replace the one that caused outrage in the world. Japan in crisis prior to Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 On Monday. Tokyo entered a new state of emergency after registering 614 new cases on Sunday. an increase for 22 consecutive days. days before the expected Olympic competition that will bring together thousands of foreigners in the eastern nation. Given this situation. last week the news was made official that the competitions.

will not be able to count on spectators to avoid crowds of people that could end up with overflowing hospitals and a dispersion of new variants of the virus Oman Phone Number among nationals and foreigners. aggravating the global health situation. . In 2020. the pandemic postponed the event to 2021. although to avoid legal problems they kept the name. However. local sponsors and the hotel sector have lost heart amid the difficulties of the coronavirus and the risk of being a center of infection. And it is that although the increase in cases may not be as great compared to other countries such as.

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Mexico. the population that is a majority of the elderly resents being vaccinated against Covid-19. To this must be added that vaccination has supply problems. so only about 28 percent of the population has received at least one injection. The truth is that the Tokyo Olympics are receiving all the blows that an event could receive. where health and communication strategies play a fundamental role in making the population of Japan feel safe. as well as foreign visitors. Just two weeks before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. what was expected was confirmed: there will be no spectators. not even locals. Tamayo Marukawa .

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The person in charge (by the Japanese government) of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. said it this Thursday. July 8 . At least. this will happen in all the disciplines that will take place. In the Japanese capital and its surroundings. Which are the vast majority. While there might be some exceptions in other sports that take place in more remote locations. It will only be a few cases. The decision. reported by the. Kyodo News and Japan Times. comes as major cities struggle to. Quell a growing resurgence of the coronavirus.

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Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced this Thursday – in the Japanese. Night – that the state of emergency in Tokyo will take effect on Monday. July 12. and will last until August 22.” Japan Times reported . Suga said that “new cases in the Tokyo metropolitan area have increased. Since June” and that “stricter and necessary measures have been taken. In those areas” that “could be lifted if there is evidence of the positive impact of the vaccine. But this will not be until the Olympics are over. Meanwhile. the state of emergency.

The Olympic Games will take place from July 23 to. August 8. followed by the Paralympics. which will take place from August 24 to September. While the number of daily cases in Japan is not large. the impact. Of the virus on a population that is mostly older and reluctant to. With the growing number of cases in the capital. There are fears that the Tokyo Olympics could turn into a massive event. That would overwhelm hospitals and could scatter new variants domestically and abroad. ed.

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