Google Shopping is an online service that allows Italy Email List to browse, compare, and also buy products from different merchants without necessarily having to visit each brand’s site to complete the transaction. Indeed, it is now a way to make purchases in a smooth and fast way since you can sometimes accomplish everything you need without ever having to leave Google. Google Shopping, which is initially a price comparison, displays the results in the form of thumbnails offering an image of each product to which is added information related to the brand and the price of each product. The results are displayed both in the SERPs

in the “Shopping” tab of the search engine but also now in the “Images” tab as we will see below. When you click on the “Shopping” tab, you can browse the products of different brands relating to your search. There are different filter possibilities on the menu on the left which allows you to refine your search, in particular according to the price, the brand, the color, the mode of purchase (eg: buy on Google). Advertisers can now take advantage of new campaign types as well as new features on the Google Shopping platform, namely: Google Images has been a default location for Google Ads advertisers since March.

What is Google Shopping

Previously, users had to manually check this option in search partners in order to be featured in Google Images. Now, this location is directly added to the search network and is mandatory. This location caters to users who do not yet know exactly what they want but who want to be inspired when they do their research. Ads on Google Images will help them go from an inspiring image to a purchase if they liked the product! Shopping Showcase ads aren’t new, but the 2019 update makes them a powerful tool for brands. As a reminder, Shopping Showcase ads are an ad format that offers rich content that allows you to present


an ad with 3 product visuals, a main image and two small secondary images. Shopping Showcase ads are now available in Google Images and the classic Google Shopping feed, giving brands greater visibility in search results and across platforms. Google is pushing Showcase Shopping aggressively, and at Agence 90, experts from our Google Ads agency have seen an increase in impressions for this channel. Correctly structuring your campaigns is a key factor in positioning yourself well, promoting your products and making sales. To be tested without further delay, if it has not yet been done! Smart Shopping campaigns are a combination of Google Shopping

How does Google Shopping work

While Google Smart Shopping is an interesting concept, there are a few downsides to keep in mind before getting started. Indeed, for advertisers who want to have total control over their advertising efforts, data collection and / or the ability to adjust their advertising strategy based on audiences, data on search terms, Google Smart Shopping does may not be ideal. This is because, for now, Google Smart Shopping does not allow you to use negative keywords and you do not have the option to exclude locations. Without having the ability to identify and control your placements, your brand could appear on a Google

which most advertisers are familiar with – with Display ads that appear on the Google Display Network, which includes third-party sites, YouTube, and also G-Mail. Display ads are primarily used with remarketing. The advantage of Smart Shopping lies in the fact that its implementation is very simple for advertisers and allows them to quickly increase their exposure on Google Shopping but also to be present on the Display network. partner site that does not reflect your business values ​​or whose article content does not match your ad. Shopping Actions is a Google program launched in March 2019. This program allows buyers to access a multitude of products and buy them directly from Google via a universal basket

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