What is the currency of the media industry? attention . So, to evaluate a media-oriented company, I look at attention. In the past decade, thanks to the rise of social networks and smartphones, there has been an interesting trend of shifting attention away from traditional media Portugal phone number such as the evening news, print media and magazines to consumer internet platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. This trend is particularly evident in the post-90s and post-00s. In my opinion, the media consumption habits of digital natives foreshadow the future of most of us. Carrying a supercomputer in your pocket, able to connect with most people and knowledge in the world, Portugal phone number has created a pattern of behavior that the previous generation could not reverse. Let’s look at some numbers. Image title Audience consumption time trends on different media platforms.

Image Title Audience Consumption Portugal phone number

Let’s take a closer look at what millennials are focusing on. Image title Comparison between post-00s and other age groups It can be seen that millennials spend more than 50% of their time on mobile phones and PCs, and watch TV much less than the 18+ crowd. The age group Portugal phone number of the scene in the picture below is more obvious. While overall traditional TV viewing time is down, the drop is more pronounced for under-24s. It is wishful thinking to expect this behavior of digital natives to reverse. Image title People under the age of 24 spend significantly less TV watching Attention Apocalypse Mobile is completely Portugal phone number eating away at our attention, so what are we doing on these devices? What are the things that divide our attention? Image title 86% of the time is spent consuming apps First, 86% of the time is spent in the app. The belief that the mobile web is a reliable channel to reach consumers is largely unreliable today.

The Mobile Web Is a Reliable Portugal phone number

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If it weren’t for YouTube and Google Maps, some people might think that Google’s importance has become less and less. Facebook, which combines social and chat applications, has completely ruled the mobile terminal. In fact, 9 of the top 10 apps last year were social or Portugal phone number chat apps. Image title 9 of the top 10 apps are social or chat apps The killer apps of the mobile generation are platforms for self-expression and communication . With that in mind, it’s baffling that none of the traditional media companies have invested in, developed, or acquired hundreds of these assets around the world, Portugal phone number because it’s these things that take away the attention of their users. In fact, the audience size these new platforms attract already dwarf those of traditional media. For example, Hola Soy German (a YouTube celebrity, Spanish version of Diaosi) has a much larger audience than the NBA Finals and Major League Baseball, but the New York Times hardly ever mentions him. The same goes for Nightblue3, which has over 100 million views on Twitch.

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