In 2018, I took my courage in both Seychelles Email List and launched my first restaurant. I have a financial profile and I quickly understood that there were a lot of charges that I could eliminate or optimize thanks to digital (labor, cash registers, supplier management, etc.). At the end of 2019, I had the idea of ​​creating Foodco ‘, a Digital Factory that centralizes the management of the restaurant model while making the most of digital. The aim is to create synergies and optimization possibilities in sales and marketing as well as in cost and expense management. I partnered with a renowned chef and marketing expert to create the company in July 2020. We opened our offices in January 2021.

From a young age, I have always had this desire to create my business. At the end of my business studies, I had a first work experience as an employee, in order to learn & understand a little better the professional environment, but I knew that at one point I was going to undertake . The idea was to optimize as much as possible the management of traditional catering with digital. For this reason, it was necessary to restructure the market with a new business model focused on the centralization of brand management. This configuration makes it possible to meet the two big challenges of the restaurant owner: generating volume and optimizing costs.

What issues does Foodco ‘respond to

In a traditional restaurant, you are limited by the number of seats and the number of services you can do. Since the volume of business is limited, it is imperative to understand its costs and to be in control of your margin. For small structures, the chef is regularly found in the oven and in the mill. It is not all to cook good dishes, you have to have the time to manage the company behind, the stocks, the employees, the marketing … To move forward, you have to be in total control of your costs from start to finish , everyone knows this sentence but it is very true “the first money earned is money that is not spent”


To respond to these two issues, our philosophy is “Digital First”. The watchword, from the start, was for example the optimization of the workforce. We have sales forecasting software that allows us to anticipate peak orders and therefore optimize purchases and better manage labor. The relationship with our suppliers is 100% digital and I place my orders directly via applications in a few clicks. Offer digital B to C sales channels that reduce your fixed costs and increase the average basket. Raise order volume through brands that we distribute digitally. It is through all these specificities that we can be truly responsive and capture demand under the best conditions.

Where is Foodco ‘today

First of all, we have our Digital Factory which manages our restaurant brands. We rely on work-study students to create marketing content for our various brands. Our livelihood today is our restaurant concepts. In the long term, the Digital Factory will be the carrier, but for now, it is our 2 brands with gables and our 3 daughter brands that keep the company running. We wanted to launch everything at the same time to create synergies and professionalize ourselves in business model management. I rely on a concept of “transparency” where the consumer orders on terminals with direct access to the kitchens. The space dedicated to the room now becomes a production space which allows me to optimize the profitability of my premises.

A kitchen open to the street where you can order rolls, pokés and salads to take away on tactile terminals. This large kitchen also accommodates our 3 daughter brands based on the “ghost kitchen” model. We prepare dishes intended exclusively for delivery in order to generate more volume in the same space by pooling resources. This allows me to play on several fronts and to serve with very few additional resources, several consumer segments. In an Italian atmosphere with marble on the wall and on the floor, the Foca is a mono bar concept produced with minute production. The goal is to provide consumers with an experience and not be a simple delivery kitchen. Orders are dematerialized, via a connected tablet for pick-ups or in delivery.

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