In addition to the ability to verify Google Search Console via Rank Math, the plugin also comes with an extensive analysis tool. This uses, among other things, Google Search Console and gives a very manageable display of how your website is doing. Ideal to quickly gain insight into the number of clicks, impressions, CTR and average positions. There is also a clear report with the status of the indexing of your website.

In addition to data from Search Console, Rank Math also has its own rank tracker. Super handy to get immediate insight into what your rankings are. You can use keywords that you add yourself or that you use in your page analysis. In addition, it is also possible to add these directly from Search Console to your website.

For most marketing agencies, these analysis tools will not offer much of a benefit. On the other hand, this is ideal for people who are working on a side project, for example. You do not have to invest extra money in, for example, a separate rank tracker to keep track of keywords.

Note : do you want to use all the extensive analysis options? Then you need the paid version of Rank Math.

Bonus reason Integration with

I regularly build my own website using WordPress. 9 out of 10 times I use the Divi theme. You can easily build a website via Divi without having to play with the code. Ideal for quickly building an affiliate website, for example . I was therefore R&D Directors Email Lists thrilled when it was announced that Rank Math was coming with a Divi integration.

This makes the theme (or builder) work even better with Rank Math. A feature that I really like is the possibility to convert your accordion directly into an FAQ scheme. With the click of a button, this plugin converts your content into a complete theme!

Note : to convert your accordion to an FAQ scheme you need the paid version of Rank Math.

R&D Directors Managers Email Lists

Cost of Rank Math

Just like Yoast, this plugin has a free and paid version. The free version of Rank Math has all the basics and most of the features I’ve mentioned in this blog. Do you want to use the extensive analysis options, add multiple schema markups per page and immediately convert your accordion in Divi into a FAQ markup? Then you will have to invest in the paid version of the plugin. Fortunately, this starts from $59 a year.

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