The three major Internet giants BAT are also entering the stage of fierce competition for this territory. Over the past decade, Baidu has been China’s number one choice for web search and online maps. But among the three giants, Baidu’s O2O layout is the weakest. But in Anhui Mobile Phone Number the opinion of Baidu CEO Robin Li, today’s O2O is still a market with relatively low technical content, and most of them are “I throw money” and “I send red envelopes”. Homogenization. Earlier, some professionals pointed out that among the three BAT companies, Baidu has the strongest technical attributes, Anhui Mobile Phone Number and has been strengthening its investment in technological innovation and research and development, and continuously improving its product development and research and development capabilities.

Some Professionals Pointed Out Anhui Mobile Phone Number

And Robin Li also pointed out that technology is the longer-term competitiveness, whether it is the development of Internet companies or the transformation and cooperation of Internet companies on traditional industries. The core of O2O technology is recommendation Anhui Mobile Phone Number technology, and recommendation technology is based on search technology. Baidu has a powerful search engine mechanism optimization and big data processing, such as image recognition and voice technology in mobile search. etc. strength. In addition, as an important part of the O2O positioning service Anhui Mobile Phone Number Baidu Maps has good technical strength. In addition, as a light application, Baidu Cloud also provides great technical support for Baidu O2O layout, especially in cloud storage, cloud computing and big data intelligence.

Big Data and Other Technological Anhui Mobile Phone Number

Anhui Mobile Phone Number
Anhui Mobile Phone Number


For example, in the field of food delivery. The intelligent deployment of computers can help the system to automatically select. The appropriate delivery person according to the location of the Anhui Mobile Phone Numbers restaurant and the user. And recommend the optimal delivery route; in the field of customer service. Artificial intelligence technology can effectively improve the efficiency of customer service and quality. Make up for the defects and deficiencies of ordinary customer service. And improve the customer Anhui Mobile Phone Numbers service experience of users. Daily consumption activities such as placing an order to watch a movie. Buying a group purchase coupon to spend in restaurants, etc. are closely related to O2O.

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