Since the cultivation of good teachers is a huge project. There must be a serious shortage of high-quality supply, which is a challenge for the platform. Fourth, the work intensity is overwhelmed. It is not easy for teachers to do class work well. On the platform, they have to Peru Phone Number  complete a series of tasks such as customer service sales and audition services. Many K12 users will spend tens of thousands of dollars for one-to-one services (hundreds of one hour) in large institutions, and this situation is difficult for individual teachers. This problem will also affect the user’s decision to the teacher, Peru Phone Number  which is crucial to the O2O platform’s transaction decision, resulting in a very low conversion rate. Similarly, from the perspective of Taobao, in the end, high-quality users still went to Tmall.

New Oriental Only Uses the Peru Phone Number

Today it has reached a hot state. Some people say that the phenomenon behind the hot money in online education is a bubble phenomenon. After all, the domestic online education market has not yet emerged as a real strong. brand. Liu Kuang believes that domestic online Peru Phone Number  education faces many difficulties as follows. First, the quality of education is difficult to control . On the one hand, the learning situation of students is uneven. And teachers need to prepare lessons in a targeted manner. Which is far more difficult Peru Phone Number  than categories such as home economics and massage. On the other hand, it is unreasonable to measure the quality of education only by students’ grades. Students’ grades cannot be improved in a short time, and there are also many subjective and objective factors. Second, the consumption decision of educational products is more complicated .

Teachers Need to Prepare Lessons Peru Phone Number

Peru Phone Number
Peru Phone Number

Various princes have intervened in online education Although New Oriental started to launch New Oriental Online as early as 2000 and set foot in online business; however, on the whole, New Oriental’s Peru Phone Number  understanding of online education has not jumped out of the traditional business category. New Oriental only uses the Internet as a tool to create innovative product forms to complement and improve traditional core businesses, while the starting point of Internet companies is to reconstruct Peru Phone Number  business models through the Internet. The genes of New Oriental culture and the way of thinking of Internet companies are actually incompatible. Therefore, cooperation with Internet giants has become an inevitable choice for New Oriental’s transformation. Simply connecting teachers and users to O2O is not something that can be successful by burning money.

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