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Offering quality online content is a complex and important task that should not only be developed in online media. but also in social media content . blogs. company pages. websites and any type of support within Latvia Phone Number corporate communication and the digital marketing . All the information that we put on our website or that we offer in a blog must be truthful. effective and also original. Creating quality content is a vital action. especially for SEO positioning . since the success of a strategy largely depends on it.

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The texts. posts and articles are aimed at people. and therefore they must be written for users and not mechanized for search engines. The language and style must adapt to the target we are addressing. always seeking to add value. connect with the public and generate interest. Content plans Social networks It is a mistake to generate content thinking exclusively about positioning and how to insert our keywords. since Google penalizes the overwriting of keywords and users look for concise information. In addition. the Google Panda 4.0 version (Google algorithm) has penalized websites with duplicate or over-optimized texts. rewarding those that offer unique. original and quality content.

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With version 4.1 and 4.2. the requirements are even. Higher and those with too many ads or suspicious links are also penalized. If we want to be successful in our. SEO strategy and generate quality online content. We must be clear about the idea we want to convey. the company’s philosophy or services. And what message we want to reach the user. Then. we must adapt that message using the appropriate formulas. optimize the content and express it through the appropriate tools. Hence the importance of online content and that this work is carried out by professionals. SEO . technically known as Search Engine Optimization.

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is a set of actions that help us improve the visibility of a website. Product company or brand on the Internet.  With a good SEO strategy we get a company. its services or a product to gain natural organic. Positioning (without cost) and appear in the first positions of search engines such as Google. The authority and relevance of a website are necessary to achieve good results. But there are many other factors that are essential for success. Marketing and SEO must walk hand in hand. Working on a joint strategy focused on objective results.

SEO Off-Page (number and quality of links to our page. Social media actions. brand authority. etc). What is SEO. SEO is necessary to help search engines and also customers to. Understand what a web page is about. what services a company offers or. What the differential value of a brand is. If we are well positioned. Our company will appear in the first positions and we will have more options to reach the final customer. An action that translates into profits. Good results and visibility. sponsorship of FC.

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