Apart from that, they are perfectly suited to, for example, give a photo for Instagram that extra charge or to do something different than usual. Check Lumyer or Lightricks products if this piques your curiosity.

Below is an example of Artleap’s Sketchify effect. All these apps are free to download and have some effects that are free. For other effects you pay in the app, for example for a month (€6.49-10.49) or a year (€15.08-24.48).

9. Curate content with Feedly

Curating content is a solution if it is not appropriate to only share your own content. For example, because your own content stock is limited, or because it is part of your content strategy. Now searching for relevant sources takes HR Directors Email Lists a lot of time and fortunately it can be much easier. Put relevant sources of good content that is important for your target group in Feedly and you can quickly see what has been published there recently and whether it is useful for you to share. The basic version is free. If you want to work with a team or more functions, you pay from $6 per month with an annual subscription.

Beacon started out as a tool to quickly create an e-book. They have now specialized in giveaways and the extra functions that are required for them. To this end, Beacon offers many templates and you can add text and images of your choice. It works even faster if you use the URL of an existing blog article, then Beacon imports the content. A combination of those two options is also possible.

HR Directors Email Lists

Beacon for lead magnets & e-books

You can then publish and deploy the final product in various ways. Beacon Analytics also keeps track of whether your lead magnet is actually being read and which pages are popular. Beacon integrates (obviously) with all kinds of newsletter software such as Active Campaign.

There is a limited free version. If you want more features, you pay $49 per month.

These are 10 content tools that have proven their usefulness and value in my work when creating a variety of content. I have deliberately left out tools for SEO and social media here, in order to keep the overview. But additions and suggestions for other tools are more than welcome, so put them in the comments!

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