Didi Kuaidi has gradually established the image of a “public welfare company” in the minds of users. Because it has long subsidized users for taxi fares. The purpose of using taxi software is to Qatar phone number reduce the cost of taxis. And the purpose of using this company’s APP is to save money. How can I make more money? But we all overlooked one point: dynamic markup is just an option, and does not force users to choose. If the user does not want to increase the price, he can still choose not to increase the price, or he can choose to wait and continue to send the original price request. This does Qatar phone number not mean that there must be no deal, just that the probability is lower. Objectively speaking, Didi’s dynamic price increase is an inevitable result of the laws of the market economy.

People With Certain Economic Qatar phone number

And people with limited economic conditions will only choose to take the train instead of the plane, and we can’t force them to take the plane, so the Ministry of Railways can make their money. The same is Qatar phone number true of taking a taxi. Taking a taxi itself has a certain economic threshold. Is it a taxi, an express or a special car? Is there a price increase or no price increase during peak hours? will appear naturally in this market. As Adam Smith said, the invisible hand will automatically control the market, and both users and drivers will take what they want after weighing. What Didi has Qatar phone number to do is to meet the original market rules, so the emergence of dynamic price increases is inevitable. In addition, during the peak period, UBER has to force a price increase for car-hailing.

Leaving Users With the Right Qatar phone number

Qatar phone number
Qatar phone number

The first step is to monitor the transaction rate: Didi monitors the transaction rate in a certain area all the time. If the transaction rate is found to be too low, it means that the demand is greater Qatar phone number than the supply. When the transaction rate is lower than a certain limit, the “dynamic price increase” will be activated. Improve order turnover. The second step is to calculate the markup fee: The fare increase fee is obtained through a certain algorithm after mining historical big data. Let’s talk about the two most Qatar phone number important reference big data 1. The historical peak price increase data in the area, one of the more important historical data is the taxi accumulated by Didi. Add tipping data. 2. Destination value reference data.

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