For the first half of 2015, the “qualitative change” of domestic video websites is no less than that of any important industry. he rise of paid movie viewing. And the mode of self-made online content has become popular in the new year. From the rise to the “blowout” situation. Nigeria Phone Number It took only two or three years for the Internet to become self-made. During this period, several major video websites have successively launched self-made programs. That are comparable to traditional variety shows, especially platforms such as iQIYI. In the past, it was normal for a self-made variety show to Nigeria Phone Number exceed 5 million views in a single episode. But breaking 100 million was basically impossible. But recently, the self-made variety shows represented by iQIYI’s “Wonderful Flowers 2”. And “I’m Going to School” have achieved the goal of breaking 100 million in a single episode.

The Self-made Variety Shows Nigeria Phone Number

What is the trigger for this “nuclear change”? Talent: Traditional TV people “turned on” Internet self-made productivity is becoming stronger and stronger Since 2014. More and more funds and talents have poured into the field of online self-production from the traditional Nigeria Phone Number TV drama production industry. Self-control has long since shed the stigma of “pure eyeball interest. Shoddy manufacturing”, and a new order is being formed in this field. Represented by iQIYI, it has formed a professional and replicable new online self-made system that combines TV production Nigeria Phone Number experience and Internet-based reform. This year, Chen Wei, the former deputy director of the Zhejiang Satellite TV Program Center. And Zheng Wei, the former deputy director of the CCTV Economic Channel, joined iQIYI.

The Traditional Tv Drama Production Nigeria Phone Number

Nigeria Phone Number
Nigeria Phone Number

The productivity of online self-made will become more and more powerful. Content: Thoroughly typed, subverting the expression of traditional thinking Every show producer is in pursuit of the phenomenon, however, there are not so many phenomena in the world. In the variety Nigeria Phone Number show market where “following the trend” prevails. Accurate positioning and a thorough understanding of a market can actually stand out. In short, it is to achieve the “phenomenal level” of this single category. “Wonderful Flowers” allows the industry to see the plasticity of this type of special program. Nigeria Phone Number The first season of “Wonderful Flowers” ended with a record of 260 million, online discussions exceeded 1 billion, and the second season has exceeded 300 million after more than half of the broadcast.

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