In this case Mexico WhatsApp Number List e same product accessible through different URLs. In this context, a canonical tag will be necessary to indicate to the engines to index only one URL.Sometimes there are exceptions!In some situations, you will have a product available in multiple colors. These color variations will generate dedicated URLs which will display extremely similar content (only the “color” information will change). A canonical tag will therefore be necessary, in order to avoid asking the search engines to explore pages offering almost the same information. However, it often happens that in SEO, queries related to the color of a product register a significant search volume!

In this case, we will advise you to identify via keyword research tools like SEM Rush the most searched colors and to optimize the content of your corresponding product sheets in order to make it unique and visible for these queries. Since these product sheets will be reworked according to these keywords with unique content, a canonical tag will not be necessary.As a result, users will no longer be directed to the site where the information is published since Google will provide all the necessary information in its results page.These changes point to strong movements in Google’s organic results.

Google’s SEO tips for your Black Friday page

So be sure to monitor your SEO positions in the coming weeks. Anyway, it is interesting to note that to improve its answers, Google will now proceed to a ranking of textual content and videos by section / passage. Proof that a good organization of your text, in paragraphs and with Hn tags , and of your videos with a breakdown by chapter, is an essential element to increase their organic visibility. Feel free to watch the entire event in the video below .Gary Illyes comments on the limit of links that Google can process on a pageUntil 2011, Google, via Matt Cutts , advised not to exceed the integration of 100 links on a web page. Rule that the latter announced as ended in February 2011.


Does this mean that Google can process an unlimited number of outgoing links on a page? Not quite … and it is precisely on this point that Gary Illyes returned to Twitter.Indeed, the Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google Zurich declared that there was indeed a high limit, considered as “stupid”, of the number of links that Google can extract and process on a web page.Here is the original tweet Gary Illyes posted in response to a tweetIn the tweet above, the tweeter David Radicke mentions the inclusion of more than 300 links on a press site and explicitly asks Gary Illyes what he thought about it.

And the benefit for SEO?

As you can see from its short answer above, so we are nowhere near the limit that Google can handle.So there is no problem for your SEO to have several hundred outgoing links on your pages. Google will process them. Usually, as stated in Gary Illyes’ first response, this line is crossed by spam sites.Finally, punctuate this news by pointing out that John Mueller, Gary’s friend, completed the answer by declaring that there was not a recommended number of links to integrate on a web page.In an article published on its blog, Google shared the best SEO practices for your Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday page.

Always good advice to take if you work in e-commerce.In this ticket blog, Google recommends using a permanent URL for your page Black Friday or Cyber Monday rather than creating a new URL every year. In other words, the URL of your page dedicated to Black Friday (or Christmas) should never change and disappear, even after the end of this event. Please do not delete it.In addition to this recommendation, the Mountain View firm has shared 5 recommendations to best prepare.

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