Copywriting is enjoying quite the boom over the last year or so. It seems people all over the world see copy as a way to financial freedom… or at least a way to escape the 9-to-5 and still pay the bills. How do i know this? Well, New Zealand Phone Number it’s part observation on social media and part observation of my inbox. Because there’s been more than a few people asking me to mentor or train them up in the grand game of copywriting. And each time, it’s a “no”. I’ve had this discussion with my own New Zealand Phone Number copy mentor, and trying to train someone from the ground up would be an exhausting process, no matter how rewarding. But i try not to simply leave those email replies as simply “sorry, can’t help you”. I give them tips on what they could do to get past that newbie stage.

And That’s New Zealand Phone Number

New Zealand Phone Number

New Zealand Phone Number what you’re reading today: a tidied-up, less-rambly version of the advice i’ve given new copywriters looking to crack into the industry Chase skills, not certifications in my “past life” as a software tester, there was fierce New Zealand Phone Number debate around whether certifications were worth chasing. I wasn’t a huge fan of “certs” back then, and i’m even less of a fan now as a copywriter. Certifications might prove you’ve taken a course, but they don’t necessarily mean you can write great copy. That’s what skills are for. And if you have a shiny certificate without the nous to back it up, you may be costing your clients far more than you charge.

Practice, Practice New Zealand Phone Number

New Zealand Phone Number practice it’s easy to tell someone to “just practice”. It’s another to put in the work day after day, especially when you feel you’re not getting anywhere. However, practice was how i became a full-time copywriter. I started out with a couple of courses, did cheap work to hone my skills for years (copywriting was a side-project and i had a full-time job, so maybe this is a luxury you don’t have). If you’re able to, jump on freelancing platforms like upwork – they’re a good way to New Zealand Phone Number practice and build your experience. Bonus: having said all that, you want to make sure you practice the right things. If you want to excel at writing emails, don’t spend every day writing blogs.

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