When users now type a query into the Lithuania Email List Chrome search bar, the responses appear in the window below alongside other related queries Here is what Google announced : “Now on computer and Android the answers will be displayed inside the search bar whether you are looking for a sports result, the weather forecast or the translation of a word in language. foreign ”. This development was mainly implemented for the convenience of users, but could have a significant impact on the Search landscape. If people get the information they want without submitting a query, it could eliminate the need to type in certain searches altogether

. This development would therefore bring the landscape of Google’s search engine, which has seen an increase in click-free searches for some time, to responses without queries. Also with this in mind, this change could also negatively impact websites that would normally rank on mobile on searches now provided in the search bar. Since this update is available on desktop and mobile, this will ultimately have a significant impact on the search volumes of many informational queries. In addition to this evolution of the search bar, the new version of Chrome comes with changes aimed at users to manage their tabs more efficiently.

Here is what Google announced

Finally, on a lighter note, you will also be able to change the background color of your Chrome browser on your computer. With voice and visual search becoming more and more prevalent, it is inevitable that in the future there will be less searches performed using text queries. Really applied visual search is still in its infancy, but brands should take advantage of the opportunities it offers by optimizing their images now. As you will have understood, in the digital age, integrating Inbound Marketing into your political communication strategy represents a powerful weapon for targeting and reaching out to a qualified audience as closely as possible.


First of all, the creation of your website turns out to be the essential starting point in order to build your digital identity and a communication medium that will be used for all your campaigns on the internet. Then, as we detailed for Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s blog, improving your natural referencing in Google will allow you to work on your e-reputation and optimize your content to appear on keywords corresponding to your identity, the image you want to convey, and the types of Internet users you want to attract to your website. Then, we advise you to combine this SEO strategy.

Other changes in this update

with a communication strategy on social networks and by emails which will allow you to communicate your message effectively thanks to the targeting of a tailor-made audience. “Publish, publish, publish” is without a doubt the mantra of keyword strategies. You need to quickly create a lot of new content and new SEO pages to be able to see improvements. So companies sometimes forget to take advantage of the material they already own and the old pages that have gained strong authority. Refreshing old content and re-optimizing it for new keywords are two great tactics to boost your SEO. Just find a better keyword target with clearer search

intent or more volume, and optimize your old page while adding some internal links to the new keyword target on your site. Google loves to see fresh content, so don’t be afraid to make minor improvements to your old content, like adding new paragraphs, images, and keyword-rich headlines! Google Ads is a good way to test your organic keyword strategy and quickly expand it to test and see leads coming in the funnel earlier. Writing ads and landing pages for your Google Ads keywords will require additional work, along with ongoing CPC research and monitoring to optimize your SEA strategy .

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