As you can see in this example, the China Email Lists format allows advertisers to use interactive 3D presentation formats in their promotions. “The Swirl format allows consumers to engage with a product as if it is right in front of them by allowing them to rotate, zoom and enlarge visuals in the ad. Swirl ads allow brands to illustrate changes in behavior, the performance of new technologies, unique product characteristics and more ”. Of course, this will not be the case for everyone. If these advertisements generate a “wow” effect and can give excellent results, their complex creation in 3D also requires technical capacities and a relative investment.

Advertisers can create Swirl Ads using pre-made 3D assets and assets through Google Web Designer, which will now include Swirl Templates. Note that brands and agencies can also edit, configure and publish high quality photo models for use in 3D advertisements using Google’s 3D Poly platform . So there are technical limitations, but for those with the ability, Swirl ads can be a great option to help drive engagement, and maximize brand messaging With an increasing number of platforms moving towards augmented reality , Swirl will provide another way for Google to evolve its advertising offerings along the way and ensure that it takes user engagement to the next level.

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And to be sure, this option has a lot to offer, and while it does require some additional investment, it might be worth it if you manage to craft a compelling campaign. Identifying important KPIs is not easy. And the best way to do this is to look to business strategy to choose KPIs that give accurate data. They must therefore provide the necessary information at each stage of the process for better decision-making. ere are some questions to ask yourself when looking at your KPIs: Be careful not to fall into the trap of the KPI jungle . By trying to do too well, you risk defining too many indicators. And find yourself, in fact, in front of a complex and unusable dashboard.


Continuous monitoring of the evolution of KPIs and results is essential to properly assess the performance of the process. This is why the indicators created or chosen must be easy to measure and understood by the whole team. When it appears that a performance indicator does not lead to the defined objectives, take the necessary steps to improve your processes. After all, a good manager spends more time improving than measuring. Note that a good KPI measures only one aspect of the process. It is therefore not enough on its own to do a good performance analysis and make the right decisions.

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In reality, good management only requires ten key performance indicators. This is why performance indicators that are too globalized or synthetic indicators are never to be favored. The ideal is to focus on relevant indicators such as improvement indicators The qualified contact file thus generated is then used to segment the customer database. Each direct marketing campaign will therefore be oriented towards a specific segment, selected according to predefined criteria . Direct marketing can be seen as the set of marketing actions that help send the right message to the right target using the right communication channel. E-mailing or email marketing : it is undoubtedly the cheapest and easiest solution for a company to get in touch with its target.

The advent of ICT in the XX th century favored the direct channel marketing. Companies could then distribute their campaigns through many channels according to their objectives and budgets. The traditional multichannel direct marketing tools are: Boxing : sending offers, personalized announcements to a target’s mailbox. Telemarketing, phone calls or phoning : sell directly using the phone. Interactive kiosks : terminals where consumers can get information and make purchases. direct marketing: boxing The surge of new technologies in the 2000s gave birth to new communication techniques, especially digital ones. Companies now have new tools to communicate with their targets: Digital marketing and social marketing : using digital tools (emails, websites, bogs, online videos, mobile applications, social media ) to send a message directly to consumers.

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